"Functonal materials", Vol.10, No.1, 2003.

Stochastic dynamic models of lattice gases // Yu.P.Virchenko, A.Ya.Dulfan | Abstract 6
Stability of dynamical systems with discontinuities // S.V.Naydenov, A.V.Tur, A.V.Yanovsky, V.V.Yanovsky | Abstract 14
Surface effect on the domain wall structure in ferroelectric film // V.M.Ishchuk, A.P.Shpak, A.B.Shevchenko | Abstract 17
Small-angle scattering due to formation of periodic structures in light-sensitive films // V.K.Miloslavsky, O.V.Bondarenko, L.A.Ageev | Abstract 23
Peculiar magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3-delta polycrystalline thin films // A.N.Pogorily, A.I.Tovstolytkin, I.V.Lezhnenko, A.I.Matvienko, D.I.Pod'yalovsky | Abstract 30
Position state of copper atoms in EL2-Cu complex structures of gallium arsenide crystal // M.B.Litvinova, O.N.Lebed` | Abstract 34
On factors influencing the cross-section of single crystals automatically pulled from melt // B.G.Zaslavsky, A.V.Kolesnikov | Abstract 37
Group growing method of sapphire crucibles and boats // E.P.Andreev, L.A.Lytvynov | Abstract 41
Study of diamond+SiC composite material wetting by melted metals // A.V.Stepanenko, N.S.Zyukin | Abstract 44
Radiation-induced modification of optical and photoelectric properties of cadmium diphosphide crystals // A.P.Kudin, V.P.Tartachnik, V.Ya.Opilat | Abstract 48
Relaxation resistance of copper films strengthened with molybdenum nanoparticles // A.I.Il`insky, S.I.Lyabuk, A.I.Zubkov | Abstract 52
An unexpected result of the of 5,6-diamino-1,3-dimethyluracil condensation with mesityl oxide // V.A.Chebanov, N.N.Kolos, O.V.Shishkin, S.V.Shishkina, V.D.Orlov | Abstract 55
Isotrithionedithiolatoferrates of alkali metals // T.N.Zinenko, V.A.Starodub, A.R.Kazachkov | Abstract 59
Photoinitiation of butyl methacrylate polymerization with alkylaminobenzophenones in solutions // V.M.Granchak, T.S.Kotsuba, I.I.Dilung | Abstract 64
Articles presented at II International Workshop "Physical Aspects of the Luminescence of Complex Oxide Dielectrics" (LOD'2002) July, 8-10, 2002 Lviv, UKRAINE
Defect formation regularities in ZnWO4 and CdWO4 crystals // L.M.Lymarenko, Z.T.Moroz, M.V.Pashkovsky, Yu.V.Zorenko, I.V.Konstankevych | Abstract 70
Luminescence features of Eu-activated cesium bromide solid solutions // Yu.V.Zorenko, R.M.Turchak, I.V.Konstankevych | Abstract 75
Stability of PbWO4 crystal lattice // R.E.Gladyshevsky, Yu.V.Zorenko, Z.T.Moroz, S.I.Mudry, N.R.Krutyak, M.V.Pashkovsky, I.M.Solsky | Abstract 80
X-ray luminescence of PWO crystals with stored light sum // V.D.Ryzhikov, V.G.Bondar', B.P.Tsapenko, E.N.Pirogov, A.B.Tsapenko, L.L.Nagornaya | Abstract 86
Specific features of heat-treated GSO:Ce single crystals // V.G.Bondar', B.V.Grinyov, V.D.Ryzhikov, B.P.Tsapenko | Abstract 89
Post-annealing green luminescence of sulfate crystals // V.I.Sheludko, S.G.Nedilko, V.V.Bojko | Abstract 93
Effect of phase transformations on radiation resistance of lead tungstate (PWO) crystals // S.Burachas, S.Beloglovsky, I.Makov, Y.Saveliev, N.Vasilieva, M.Ippolitov, V.Manko, S.Nikulin, A.Nyanin, A.Vasiliev, A.Apanasenko, G.Tamulaitis | Abstract 98
Excited state dynamics of luminescence centers in PbWO4 single crystals // M.Nikl, P.Bohacek, E.Mihokova, V.Babin, A.Stolovich, A.Krasnikov, S.Zazubovich, G.P.Pazzi, P.Fabeni, A.Vedda, M.Martini | Abstract 105
Spectral properties of Eu3+ ions in Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 and Ca3Ga2Ge4O14 crystals // L.Kostyk, I.Kudyk, I.Kayun | Abstract 111
Nucleation and growth of diamond films by using HF CVD technique // K.Fabisiak, A.Banaszak, M.Kaczamarski | Abstract 117
Photoluminescence, Raman and EPR spectroscopy studies of CVD diamond films // K.Fabisiak, A.Banaszak, W.Bala, M.Kaczamarski | Abstract 121
Spectroscopic properties of PbWO4:Tb3+ crystals // L.V.Kostyk, A.E.Nosenko, S.S.Novosad, I.V.Kayun | Abstract 125
Spectral characteristics of activated cadmium bromide crystals // S.S.Novosad, I.S.Novosad, R.O.Kovalyuk | Abstract 130
The luminescent and kinetic characteristics of CsPbBr3 nanocrystals dispersed in CsCdBr3 matrix // S.V.Myagkota, Z.A.Khapko, I.S.Novosad, I.V.Stefanskii, I.V.Garapyn | Abstract 136
Optical and EPR study of Cr-doped beta-Ga2-xInxO3 solid solutions // Ya.Zakharko, B.Padlyak, O.Tsvetkova, B.Kuklinski, M.Grinberg, K.Fabisiak | Abstract 140
Spectral and luminescence properties of Mn2+ ions in green luminescence crystal phosphors // A.V.Shamshurin, E.A.Zhikhareva, N.P.Efryushina, E.V.Malinka | Abstract 145
High pressure photoluminescence characterization of inhomogeneous broadening of the 2E --> 4A2 transition in Cr3+ ion in LLGG crystals // A. Kornylo, M.Grinberg, T. Lukasiewicz, J. Kisielewski, M. Swirkowicz | Abstract 151
Interaction between trapping centers in corundum anion-defective single crystals // S.V.Nikiforov, V.S.Kortov, I.I.Milman, E.V.Moiseikin | Abstract 156
Luminescence and photoconductivity features of gallium garnet crystals // V.N.Shevchuk | Abstract 161
Device Engineering
Comprehensive optimization of the frontal structure elements of solar cells for space application // V.A.Antonova, V.N.Borschev, V.R.Kopach, N.P.Klochko, A.M.Listratenko, N.I.Slipchenko, V.I.Shkaleto | Abstract 168
Heat demagnetization of combined Nd-Fe-B/Sm-Co magnet A.M.Bovda, A.I.Kravchenko | Abstract 176