"Functonal materials", Vol.10, No.2, 2003.

On unimodality of probability distributions of extremes of independent random variable samples in the material destruction statistical theory problems // Yu.P.Virchenko, A.S.Shmatkov | Abstract 190
The role of vacancy defects in gamma-scintillations of CsI-Na crystals // A.N.Panova, B.V.Grinyov, F.F.Lavrentyev, L.M.Soyfer, E.L.Vinograd, K.V.Shakhova, N.N.Kosinov, A.I.Mitichkin, S.P.Korsunova | Abstract 197
Luminescence properties of isovalently doped ZnSe crystals // V.Ryzhikov, P.Gashin, N.Starzhinskiy, L.Gal'chinetskiy, K.Katrunov, A.Avdonin, G.Ivanova, D.Nedeoglo, N.Nedeoglo, V.Sirkeli | Abstract 207
Luminescence of Cr3+ complexes in Al2O3 // D.Galanciak, S.Legowski, H.Meczynska, M.Grinberg 212 | Abstract 212
The mechanism of light scattering centers' formation in sapphire crystals grown in gas atmospheres // A.Ya.Danko, N.S.Sidelnikova, G.T.Adonkin, A.T.Budnikov, S.V.Nizhankovskii, S.I.Krivonogov | Abstract 227
Microhardness and microstress anisotropy in PbWO4 single crystals // I.P.Babiychuk, V.N.Baumer, V.G.Bondar, B.V.Grinyov, E.F.Dolzhenkova, V.I.Krivoshein, E.N.Pirogov, V.D.Ryzhikov | Abstract 224
Electrical properties of PbWO4 single crystal // V.N.Shevchuk, I.V.Kayun | Abstract 229
Growth macrodefects in beta-BaB2O4 single crystals // V.T.Adamiv, Ya.V.Burak | Abstract 235
Formation and diffusion of anionic vacancies in leucosapphire // S.D.Vishnevsky, E.V.Krivonosov, L.A.Litvinov | Abstract 238
On increased energy and diffusion permeability of ternary grain joints in metal polycrystals // V.B.Rabukhin, E.E.Badiyan 243 | Abstract 243
Preparation of semi-insulating CdTe doped with Sn // I.Turkevych, R.Grill, J.Franc, P.Hoschl, E.Belas, P.Moravec | Abstract 247
Al-Be-Mg alloy strength and plasticity within 300 to 4.2 K temperature range // M.E.Bosin, V.N.Nikiforenko, F.F.Lavrentyev | Abstract 253
Magnetization processes of epitaxial ferrite-garnet // Yu.A.Burym, S.V.Dubinko, Yu.M.Mitsay | Abstract 256
Texturing of CVD diamond films // S.N.Samsonenko, N.D.Samsonenko, Z.I.Kolupaeva | Abstract 261
Measuring of fullerene molecular form factor in condensed C60 films // I.F.Mikhailov, V.E.Pukha, O.V.Sobol, V.V.Varganov | Abstract 266
Raman spectra of As-S(Se) glasses and sulfide (selenide) clusters // N.Mateleshko, M.Vlcek, A.Stronski, V.Mitsa, F.Billes | Abstract 270
Brownian dynamics simulation of model dendrimer adsorption by an attractive surface // M.Ratner, I.Neelov, F.Sundholm, B.Grinyov | Abstract 273
Novel light-sensitive materials with photocatalytic activity: heterostructures containing cadmium sulfide, cyanine pigment, and polyepoxypropylcarbazole // I.M.Kobasa | Abstract 276
Radiation resistance investigation of SCSN-81T, BC-408, UPS923A and UPS98RH plastic scintillators // V.G.Senchishin, V.N.Lebedev, A.F.Adadurov, I.I.Zalyubovski, A.V.Lebedev, N.P.Khlapova | Abstract 281
Articles presented at I Ukrainian Conference on Semiconductors Physics, ISP'2002, Odesa, Ukraine
Peculiarities of conductivity type conversion in p-CdxHg1-xTe under ion beam etching and anodic oxide annealing // N.N.Berchenko, V.V.Bogoboyashchyy, I.I.Izhnin, K.R.Kurbanov, A.P.Vlasov, V.A.Yudenkov | Abstract 287
Six-band k-p model of strained diamond-like semiconductors // P.M.Grytsyuk, A.V.Chopik, O.Ya.Bazyuk | Abstract 293
Microdefects in semiconducting silicon // V.I.Talanin, I.E.Talanin, D.I.Levinzon | Abstract 299
Nonequilibrium charge relaxation processes in the barrier zone of nonideal heterojunctions // V.A.Borschak | Abstract 306
Auger effect in atoms and solids: Calculation of Auger decay characteristics in atoms, quasi-molecules, and solids in application to the surface composition analysis // A.V.Glushkov, S.V.Ambrosov, G.P.Prepelitsa, V.P.Kozlovskaya | Abstract 309
A novel tin dioxide based semiconductor ceramics: a material for high nonlinearity varistors // I.A.Skuratovsky, A.B.Glot | Abstract 314
Time and temperature stability of radiation-induced changes in optical properties of ternary chalcogenide glassy semiconductor systems // O.I.Shpotyuk, R.Ya.Golovchak, A.P.Kovalsky, T.S.Kavetsky | Abstract 317
Selective photoionization and photodissociation of molecules for purification of semiconductor materials and substances in gas state: optimized scheme // I.M.Shpinareva | Abstract 322
Signal saturation in optical image sensors based on a non-ideal heterojunction // A.P.Balaban | Abstract 326
Growing and physical properties of indium-doped zinc selenide crystals // Yu.F.Vaksman, Yu.A.Nitsuk, Yu.N.Purtov, A.S.Nasibov, P.V.Shapkin | Abstract 330
New optimum laser photoionization procedure schemes for semiconductor material cleaning and preparing the films pure at atomic level // S.V.Ambrosov | Abstract 334
Study of formation processes of thin nitride material layers from laser plasma // B.K.Kotlyarchuk, D.I.Popovych, A.S.Serednytski | Abstract 339
Optimization of preparation conditions of A2B6 semiconductor films by electrospray pyrolysis // G.N.Lipatov, V.M.Tavolzhansky, A.Ye.Turetsky, G.G.Chemeresyuk, E.A.Chernova | Abstract 344
Laser-stimulated doping effect on gallium phosphide structure and properties // N.G.Yevtushenko, S.A.Stukalov | Abstract 350
Device Engineering
Magnetic flow of combined Al-Ni-Co-Fe/Nd-Fe-B magnet A.M.Bovda, A.I.Kravchenko | Abstract 354
Detecting ability and stability of rare-earth semiconductor ceramic thermoresistive material as IR sensor V.E.Marincheva, V.N.Tupikina, I.V.Kolodiy | Abstract 357
Physical and mechanical properties of microelectronic interconnecting elements based on aluminum-polyimide film composition V.N.Borshchev, L.I.Kaurova, V.E.Starkov, V.I.Stepanenko | Abstract 362
Професору А. Б. Бланку - 70 лет | Abstract 366