"Functonal materials", Vol.10, No.3, 2003.

Investigation of the final stage of random fragmentation process // Yu.P.Virchenko, R.M.Brodskii | Abstract 378
The interference of scattered waves outside of the zone of the laser beam action on a photosensitive film deposited on plane-parallel transparent substrate // M.V.Pogrebnyak, L.A.Ageev, V.K.Miloslavsky, H.I.Elashhab | Abstract 388
Formation factors of stable nanocrystalline thin films // P.A.Panchekha, A.G.Basov | Abstract 395
Residual stresses and structure of titanium films obtained by vacuum-arc deposition // E.N.Reshetnyak, A.T.Pugachev, S.V.Malykhin, V.D.Ovcharenko | Abstract 402
Phase formation peculiarities in Li2O-Na2O-Gd2O3-B2O3 system // T.I.Korshikova, R.P.Yavetsky, A.V.Tolmachev | Abstract 407
Low-frequency dielectric spectroscopy of ferroelectric liquid crystals: near-electrode and bulk processes // A.V.Koval'chuk, A.F.Shevchuk, D.A.Naiko, M.N.Pivnenko | Abstract 412
Structure, stability and spectral properties of complexes of flavones with metal ions of group II // A.D.Roshal, T.V.Sakhno, A.A.Verezubova, L.M.Ptiagina, V.I.Musatov, A.Wroblewska, J.Blazejowski | Abstract 419
Third International Conference "Problems of Optics and High Technology Materials Science SPO 2002", October 2002, Kyiv, Ukraine
Optical space communications in Japan // Morio Toyoshima | Abstract 427
Calculation of energy differences for polytypic silicon carbide modifications using the Bashelet-Hamann-Shluter pseudo-potentials // E.V.Pavlov, V.A.Makara, S.P.Repetsky | Abstract 439
The properties of porous silicon obtained under different anodic etching conditions // V.A.Makara, M.M.Melnichenko, V.V.Lendel, K.V.Svezhentsova | Abstract 444
Blood compatibility study of chromium oxide films deposited on stainless steel surfaces by magnetron sputtering // L.V.Poperenko, M.F.Maitz, M.V.Vinnichenko | Abstract 447
Enhancement of optical and magneto-optical parameters of granular films by plasma resonance // V.G.Kravets, L.V.Poperenko, I.V.Yurgelevych, D.Yu.Man'ko | Abstract 454
Ellipsometric research of pure water and aqueous solutions surfaces // O.P.Gribsky, L.V.Poperenko, A.Z.Sarsembaeva | Abstract 460
Optical performances of dielectric coatings on copper and aluminium mirrors made by diamond microgrinding // V.A.Odarich, L.V.Poperenko, V.S.Staschuk, Y.V.Filipov | Abstract 464
Aging and degradation of aluminum-silicon structures with a Schottky barrier after a pulsed laser irradiation // G.I.Vorobets, O.I.Vorobets, A.P.Fedorenko, A.G.Shkavro | Abstract 468
Nonlinear frequency conversion of Bessel light beams in crystals with different angular phase matching range // V.N.Belyi, N.S.Kazak, E.G.Katranji, A.A.Ryzhevich | Abstract 474
Dynamics of nonlinear total internal reflection of laser pulse from medium with thermal nonlinearity // A.A.Afanas'ev, R.A.Vlasov, D.A.Khomchenko | Abstract 480
Acoustically pumped photoluminescence in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells // A.M.Gorb, O.A.Korotchenkov | Abstract 485
Temperature dependence of optical conductivity of Fe-Co alloys // S.P.Repetsky, V.S.Staschuk, R.O.Yaremko, I.V.Shakhov | Abstract 453
Influence of low-temperature treatment on thermomagnetic behavior of Fe- and Co-based amorphous alloys // O.P.Brud'ko, S.G.Zaichenko, M.I.Zakharenko | Abstract 493
A comparative study of optical and magneto-optical properties of Fe-Au disordered alloy films and Fe/Au multilayered films // Y.P.Lee, Y.H.Hyun, Y.V.Kudryavtsev, R.Gontarz | Abstract 497
Mechanical properties of TiB2-TiC-C* ceramic materials // I.F.Kazo, A.Yu.Popov | Abstract 503
Thermoelectric properties of liquid CdTe in the stoichiometric composition range // Yu.O.Plevachuk, V.M.Sklyarchuk, A.P.Vlasov | Abstract 507
Porous silicon aging after etching in acids // O.V.Vakulenko, O.I.Dasenko | Abstract 511
Study of elastic and thermal parameters of a composite material fluoroplastic-thermoexfoliated graphite by photothermoacoustic method // V.V.Kozachenko, I.Ya.Kucherov, S.L.Revo | Abstract 514
Changing of the Manganese peroxidase activity after laser radiation // O.Tsivunchyk, R.Haas, E.Loew, E.Kremlev, K.Scheibner | Abstract 518
The connection between optical properties and electron structure of Cu-C60 single-layer films // O.P.Dmytrenko, M.P.Kulish, E.M.Shpilevskiy, L.V.Poperenko, I.V.Yurgelevych, S.Schulze, M.Hietschold, Yu.I.Prylutskyy, L.A.Matveeva | Abstract 521
Effect of UV irradiation of fullerene-containing composite in biological samples // V.M.Yashchuk, K.M.Kushnir, O.A.Golub, S.V.Prylutska, O.P.Matyshevska, Yu.I.Prylutsky, P.Scharff, T.Braun | Abstract 525
Spectroscopic study of the fluorescent dyes interaction with DNA // I.V.Valyukh, V.V.Vyshnyak, A.V.Slobodyanyuk, S.M.Yarmoluk | Abstract 528
Purification of actinide-containing water with Gaiasafe filter papers // R.Haas, F.Pfeiffer, O.Tsivunchyk | Abstract 534
Spontaneous deracemization of NLC-CLC-mixture at phase transitions // Yu.G.Terent'eva, S.V.Shiyanovskii | Abstract 538
beta-Radioactivity of "hot particles" and macroscopic electric and thermal characteristics thereof // I.S.Dotsenko | Abstract 543
C-H bond deviation in fluoromethane molecule // B.A.Okhrimenko, D.M.Samoilenko | Abstract 547
The News of Technology
Energy and resource saving technologies for manufacturing of high melting oxide crystals // Yu.V.Malyukin, P.N.Zhmurin, I.A.Borovoy, Yu.N.Velikhov, L.A.Sarkisov, A.A.Masalov, B.V.Grinyov | Abstract 554
Thin films of organic semiconductor for gas sensor development N.I.Slipchenko, V.G.Udovitsky, V.D.Orlov | Abstract 559
Service life forecasting for scintillation tiles of HE calorimeter for CMS V.G.Senchishin, N.P.Khlapova, V.N.Lebedev, A.F.Adadurov | Abstract 565
Determination of component concentrations in superconducting niobium-titanium alloys using nuclear physics methods N.A.Skakun, V.M.Shershnev, O.V.Chernyi, G.K.Khomyakov | Abstract 570