"Functonal materials", Vol.10, No.4, 2003.

Statistic description of random fields local maxima // M.A.Lysenko, A.V.Tur, V.V.Yanovsky | Abstract 577
Analysis of the mathematical model of semiconductor material thermal breakdown // N.V.Andreyeva, Yu.P.Virchenko | Abstract 591
Quasi-crystalline model of DNA vibrational dynamics // L.A.Bulavin, S.M.Perepelytsya, A.D.Suprun | Abstract 599
Simulation of the alpha-beta(alpha') phase equilibrium of metal hydrides within the perturbation theory // V.S.Marinin, K.R.Umerenkova, Yu.F.Shmalko | Abstract 607
Effect of directional atomic interaction parameters on properties of melted halide compounds // E.V.Prikhod`ko, V.F.Moroz, B.V.Grinyov | Abstract 615
Optical properties and laser damage threshold of rapid-grown KDP crystals // I.M.Pritula, Yu.N.Velikhov, V.I.Salo, M.I.Kolybayeva, V.S.Kurnosov | Abstract 630
79Br quadrupole spin-lattice relaxation in ferroelectric (CH3)4NCdBr3 // D.F.Baisa, E.D.Chesnokov, Z.Czapla, A.I.Ovcharenko, S.V.Pogrebnyak, I.G.Vertegel | Abstract 636
Electronic structure and some optical properties of PbWO4 crystals with defects: cluster approach // Yu.A.Hizhnyi, S.G.Nedilko, V.Ya.Koshelenko | Abstract 640
Copper-induced change in luminescence quantum yield through EL2 centers in GaAs single crystals // M.B.Litvinova | Abstract 647
The role of intrinsic defects in formation of low-energy emission band of ZnSe-Te- and ZnSe-Cd- crystals // V.P.Makhniy, M.M.Slyotov, E.V.Stets, I.V.Tkachenko | Abstract 652
Quartz investigation under fast proton irradiation by luminescense method // S.I.Kononenko, O.V.Kalantaryan, V.I.Muratov | Abstract 656
Dislocation structure stability of the zinc crystals // M.E.Bosin, F.F.Lavrentyev, V.N.Nikiforenko | Abstract 661
Phase formation and formation kinetics of Ni-Cr-Al-Y electric-spark coating on steel 45 // A.V.Paustovsky, R.A.Alfintseva, T.V.Kurinnaya, S.G.Pyatachuk, T.N.Chevychelova | Abstract 666
Solid phase spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) using SPADNS // E.E.Kostenko | Abstract 671
Study of growth mechanism and electrophysical properties of thin SnTe films and SnTe/EuS bilayers on KCl substrates // E.I.Rogacheva, S.N.Grigorov, A.G.Fedorov, T.V.Tavrina, N.A.Kalashnik, A.Yu.Sipatov, V.V.Volobuev, M.S.Dresselhaus | Abstract 676
Absorption spectrum of Cu2CdI4 thin films // O.N.Yunakova, V.K.Miloslavsky, E.N.Kovalenko | Abstract 682
Crystal nucleation and growth during the annealing of laser-deposited amorphous condensates of chromium oxide // A.G.Bagmut, S.N.Grigorov, V.Yu.Kolosov, V.M.Kosevich, G.P.Nikolaichuk | Abstract 687
On dynamics of photoinduced processes in three-layer Ag-PbI2-chalcogenide semiconductor systems // V.V.Mussil, Ye.T.Lemeshevskaya, V.V.Pilipenko, A.P.Ovcharenko | Abstract 693
Optical properties of GexAsyS1-x-y films under electron irradiation and thermal annealing // N.I.Mateleshko, V.M.Mitsa, O.M.Parlag | Abstract 698
Microplasticity and electrical properties of subsurface layers of diamond-like semiconductors strained at low temperatures // V.Nadtochiy, N.Nechvolod, N.Golodenko | Abstract 702
Deep level transient spectroscopy evidence of point defects associated with InAs/GaAs quantum dots // V.V.Ilchenko, S.D.Lin, C.P.Lee, O.V.Tretyak, M.V.Shkil | Abstract 707
Electronic processes in film structures of optochemotronic sensor electrodes // N.V.Masolova, N.N.Rozhitskii | Abstract 711
Thermal decomposition and structural features of S120 J-aggregates // Yu.V.Malyukin, S.L.Efimova, A.V.Sorokin, A.M.Ratner | Abstract 715
HgCl2 based materials for X-rays recording // P.A.Kondratenko, Yu.M.Lopatkin | Abstract 721
New data on the "t-Amino effect" in series of 4-R-N,N-dimethylanilines // O.N.Semenova, Ye.Ye.Artyukhova, I.G.Yermolenko, L.D.Patsenker | Abstract 730
Simple and complex conducting TCNQ salts with pyrazine-based cations // V.A.Starodub, A.V.Kravchenko, A.R.Kazachkov, V.V.Khotkevich, A.V.Khotkevich, O.S.Pyshkin, G.V.Kamarchuk | Abstract 739
News ofTechnologies
On the use of chaotic billiard geometry to improve the light output of a scintillator // V.Gavrylyuk, L.Gal'chinetskii, K.Katrunov, S.Naydenov, V.Ryzhikov, N.Starzhinskiy, V.Yanovsky | Abstract 744
Synthesis of graphite-metal composite materials by salt thermolysis // L.L.Vovchenko, L.Yu.Matzui, A.I.Brusilovets | Abstract 747
Autor Index, N1-4 // | Abstract 754