"Functonal materials", Vol.13, No.1, 2006.

Contents | Contents (PDF format)
Investigation of the material fragmentation model with the uniform scale subdivision energy distribution // R.E.Brodskii, Yu.P.Virchenko | Article (PDF format) 6
Influence of impurity on electronic transition in coherent-strained quantum dot // O.O.Dan'kiv, R.M.Peleshchak | Article (PDF format) 14
On thermodynamic approach to the problem of solidification of a diluted binary melt // V.N.Kanischev | Article (PDF format) 21
Calculation of fracture toughness for a biphase ceramic material // O.Yu.Popov, I.F.Kazo, V.A.Makara | Article (PDF format) 26
Anomalies of kinetic, magnetic and relaxation properties of dysprosium in the region of helicoidal antiferromagnetic structure // V.M.Arzhavitin, V.V.Derevyanko, T.V.Sukhareva, V.A.Finkel | Article (PDF format) 30
Effect of twin boundaries on scattering processes of normal and fluctuating carriers in YBa2Cu3O7-delta single crystals // M.A.Obolensky, R.V.Vovk, A.V.Bondarenko | Article (PDF format) 35
Thermostimulated luminescence of SrB4O7:Eu2+ single crystals // R.P.Yavetskiy, E.F.Dolzhenkova, A.V.Tolmachev, S.V.Parkhomenko, V.N.Baumer | Article (PDF format) 39
Diffusion and following isothermal desorption of impurity and matrix atoms out of sapphire and its melt // N.P.Katrich, A.T.Budnikov, S.I.Krivonogov, Yu.P.Miroshnikov | Article (PDF format) 44
A possible reason for non-proportionality of response in NaI:Tl and CsI:Tl scintillation crystals // A.M.Kudin, B.V.Grinyov, V.Yu.Gres', A.I.Mitichkin | Article (PDF format) 54
Kinetic parameters of charge carrier traps in magnesium-aluminum spinel crystals after X-ray and UV irradiation // V.A.Kobyakov, V.N.Volokitin, D.N.Shevtsova, L.A.Lytvynov | Article (PDF format) 60
Wettability of sapphire // O.V.Voloshyn, V.I.Kononenko, L.A.Lytvynov, E.K.Sevidova | Article (PDF format) 66
Recombination parameters of point defects in dislocation-free silicon single crystals // V.I.Talanin, I.E.Talanin | Article (PDF format) 69
Dielectric inhomogeneities in CdZnTe crystals // A.S.Gerasimenko, V.K.Komar, V.P.Migal, S.V.Sulima, A.S.Phomin | Article (PDF format) 74
Microhardness of Cd1-xMnxTe solid solutions // S.G.Dremlyuzhenko, Z.I.Zakharuk, E.V.Rybak, I.M.Yuriychuk, V.V.Gorbunov | Article (PDF format) 77
Strain relaxation in thin Si1-x-yGexCy layers on Si substrates // M.Ya.Valakh, D.V.Gamov, V.M.Dzhagan, O.S.Lytvyn, V.P.Melnik, B.M.Romanjuk, V.G.Popov, V.O.Yukhymchuk 79 | Article (PDF format) 79
Structure changes in nickel on silicon nano-layers under vacuum ultraviolet irradiation // I.F.Mikhailov, S.S.Borisova, L.P.Fomina, S.V.Malykhin, I.N.Babenko | Article (PDF format) 85
Growing of Sm3+ doped polycrystalline calcium fluor-apatite from aqueous solutions // N.V.Babayevskaya, Yu.N.Savin, A.V.Tolmachev | Article (PDF format) 90
Effect of substrate temperature on crystalline structure and galvanomagnetic characteristics of NióCu alloy thin films // V.B.Loboda, S.N.Pirogova, A.I.Saltykova | Article (PDF format) 95
Periodic structure formation in GaAs near-surface layer by laser beam with diffraction modulated intensity // D.Moskal, V.Nadtochiy, N.Golodenko 100 | Article (PDF format) 100
Structure influence on mechanical properties of Ti-W-B system nanocrystalline coatings // O.V.Sobol', S.N.Dub, O.N.Grigor`ev, A.A.Podtelezhnikov, A.N.Stetsenko | Article (PDF format) 105
Optimization of the ITO frontal electrodes for flexible CdTe thin film solar cells // G.S.Khrypunov | Article (PDF format) 113
A novel anion-radical salt (N-Et-2.5-di-Me-Pz)(TCNQ)2 (Pz is pyrazine) // D.V.Ziolkovskiy, O.N.Kazheva, G.V.Shilov, O.A.Dyachenko, A.V.Kravchenko, A.V.Khotkevich, V.A.Starodub | Article (PDF format) 119
Effect of pressure on intersystem transitions in aromatic amine molecules // Yu.A.Skrishevsky, A.Yu.Vakhnin, V.A.Skrishevsky, I.V.Gavrilchenko, O.V.Tretyak | Article (PDF format) 125
News of Technology
Electric spark alloying with ZrN-based electrode material // A.V.Paustovsky, V.I.Novikova, N.M.Mordovets | Article (PDF format) 131
Selection criteria for materials to be applied in cryogenic precision equipment engineering // M.E.Bosin, F.F.Lavrentyev, V.N.Nikiforenko, S.A.Solodilov 135 | Article (PDF format) 135
Study of thallium iodide dissolution kinetics in aqueous sodium iodide solutions in production conditions // G.A.Babich, A.B.Blank, E.P.Kisil', L.I.Filippovich | Article (PDF format) 139
Preparation and property studies of new detectors of transuranium elements // A.Yu.Andryushchenko, A.B.Blank, S.V.Budakovsky, O.V.Zelenska, M.I.Shevtsov | Article (PDF format) 144
International Workshop "The Problems of Optics and High Technology Materials Science" (SPO 2004), October 2004, Kyiv, Ukraine
Malpha X-ray emission spectrum of multi-ionized Au atoms // M.O.Borovoy, R.M.Ischenko, V.I.Shiyanovskiy | Article (PDF format) 150
Optical properties of the modified structures of surface layers of amorphous metallic alloy ribbons // L.V.Poperenko, V.G.Kravets, S.I.Lysenko, K.L.Vinnichenko | Article (PDF format) 154
Angular dependences of ellipsometric parameters of thin Cr and Ti films under surface polariton excitation // Ya.A.Shybiko, I.A.Shaykevich, L.Yu.Melnichenko | Article (PDF format) 161
Multiple noncritical phase-matchings in biaxial KTP crystal // V.I.Zadorozhnii, M.E.Kornienko, T.S.Sidenko | Article (PDF format) 164
A method for analysis of complex thermoluminescence peaks: 141 K peak in LiF as an example // A.F.Gumenjuk, S.Yu.Kutovyi | Article (PDF format) 173
Determination of optical parameters of CdTe films by principal angle ellypsometry // K.N.Kornienko, V.A.Odarych, L.V.Poperenko, N.V.Vuichik | Article (PDF format) 179
Luminescence kinetics of alkali halide crystals doped with nitrite anions // V.P.Sakun, V.S.Stashchuk, R.M.Motrenko | Article (PDF format) 183
Collapse of f-electron wave function of Tl3+ ion in a crystal field // B.A.Okhrimenko, D.Yu.Starkov | Article (PDF format) 187
Magnetic properties of amorphous and nanoscrystalline FINEMET type iron-based alloys // M.Babich, M.Zakharenko, M.Orlenko | Article (PDF format) 192