"Functonal materials", Vol.13, No.4, 2006.

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Intermittency without chaotic phases // S.V.Slipushenko, A.V.Tur, V.V.Yanovsky | Article (PDF format) 551
On the variation method in theory of diluted binary melt solidification // V.N.Kanischev, S.V.Barannik | Article (PDF format) 558
Synthesis of optimal multilayer periodic systems: multicriterial approach and realization of synthesized system // A.Belyaeva, A.Galuza, S.Kolomiets | Article (PDF format) 563
Temperature dependences and isotherms of galoanomagnetic properties of Bi doped PbTe crystals and thin films // E.I.Rogacheva, S.G.Lyubchenko, O.S.Vodorez | Article (PDF format) 571
Phase composition, structure and stress state of magnetron sputtered W-Ti condensates // O.V.Sobol | Article (PDF format) 577
Electrical and dielectric properties of CdWO4 crystals // V.N.Shevchuk, I.V.Kayun | Article (PDF format) 584
To the origin of vibrational modes in Raman spectra of Li2B4O7 single crystals // Ya.V.Burak, V.T.Adamiv, I.M.Teslyuk | Article (PDF format) 591
Thermal expansion and Debye temperature of Ti-Zr-Ni quasi-crystal // S.V.Malykhin, A.T.Pugachov, E.E.Chernokhvostenko | Article (PDF format) 596
Mechanisms of the high-temperature internal stresses relaxation during creep in alkali-halide single crystals // V.P.Matsokin, I.N.Pakhomova | Article (PDF format) 600
Correlations of the multicomponent oxidic melt viscosity with other properties // V.V.Morenko | Article (PDF format) 606
The stress-strain state of deformed NaCl type single crystals with the sample height smaller than the base side // A.Yu.Boyarintsev, A.V.Gektin, V.V.Shlyakhturov | Article (PDF format) 608
The influence of high energy irradiation on electrical and dissipative properties of silicon single crystals // N.M.Pelikhaty, N.Ya.Rokhmanov, V.V.Onischenko 613 | Article (PDF format) 613
Microhardness and brittle strength of ZnSe(1-x)Tex crystals grown from melt // I.A.Rybalka, S.N.Galkin, E.F.Voronkin, V.D.Ryzhikov, P.V.Mateychenko | Article (PDF format) 618
On spectra of microwave oscillations of the 0-degree domain wall in a cubic ferromagnetic // R.M.Vakhitov, E.I.Sergeyev | Article (PDF format) 624
Valence electron distribution in zirconium dodecaboride // V.B.Filippov, Yu.B.Paderno , M.A.Belogolovskii, A.A.Gusev, I.Felner | Article (PDF format) 628
Optical properties of silicon carbide obtained by direct ion deposition // A.V.Lopin, A.V.Semenov, V.M.Puzikov, A.G.Trushkovsky | Article (PDF format) 631
Colossal magnetoresistance at room temperature in manganites and chromium chalkospinels // A.I.Abramovich, L.I.Korolyova, A.V.Michurin | Article (PDF format) 637
The behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in liquid in magnetic field // V.F.Kovalenko, M.V.Petrychuk, B.N.Moldovan, O.A.Antonyuk, E.F.Tkach | Article (PDF format) 640
Conductivity anisotropy and pseudogap state evolution in HoBa2Cu3O7-delta single crystals of a preset flat defect topology at decreasing oxygen concentration // M.A.Obolenskii, R.V.Vovk, A.V.Bondarenko, I.L.Goulatis | Article (PDF format) 645
Study on resistivity and microstructure of magnetron sputtered a-C:Si films // A.A.Onoprienko, I.B.Yanchuk | Article (PDF format) 652
Optical properties of CdS and PbS nanocrystals adsorbed on silica nanoparticles // Yu.V.Yermolayeva, N.A.Matveevskaya, V.P.Semynozhenko, A.V.Tolmachev | Article (PDF format) 657
The properties of silica nanoparticles modified with cationic surfactant // E.Yu.Bryleva, N.A.Vodolazkaya, N.O.Mchedlov-Petrossyan, L.V.Samokhina, N.A.Matveevskaya | Article (PDF format) 662
Bacteriorhodopsin and its mutants for light-induced anisotropy and dynamic holography recording // D.Stepanchikov, N.Burykin, T.Dyukova, T.G.Ebrey, S.P.Balashov, E.Korchemskaya | Article (PDF format) 669
Effect of polymer matrix on photosensitivity of meso-Cl polymethine dye based composites // N.Berezina, V.Syromyatnikov, A.Ishchenko, A.Verbitsky, Ya.Vertsimakha | Article (PDF format) 676
Enhanced light-induced director reorientation and dye aggregation in a nematic liquid crystal // V.M.Pergamenshchik, V.Ya.Gayvoronsky, S.V.Yakunin, R.M.Vasyuta, V.G.Nazarenko, O.D.Lavrentovich | Article (PDF format) 681
Langmuir-Blodgett films of binary mixtures for polymethylmethacrylate/rubrene and stearic acid/rubrene: formation conditions and optical properties // O.N.Bezkrovnaya, Yu.N.Savin, M.V.Dobrotvorskaya | Article (PDF format) 687
New anion-radical salts (N-Me-2,5-di-MePz)(TCNQ)2 and (N-Me-2,6-di-MePz)(TCNQ)2 (Pz is pyrazine) // O.N.Kazheva, D.V.Ziolkovskiy, G.G.Alexandrov, O.A.Dyachenko, V.A.Starodub, A.V.Khotkevich, G.Y.Vasilets | Article (PDF format) 692
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