"Functional materials", Vol.14, No.3, 2007.

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Peculiarities of absorption spectra of solid solutions of CsAg2I3-CsCu2I3 complex compounds // V.K.Miloslavsky, O.N.Yunakova, E.N.Kovalenko | Article (PDF format) 283
Self-diffraction effect observation and recording the holographic one-dimensional and two-dimensional gratings in thin photosensitive films // L.A.Ageev, K.S.Beloshenko, E.D.Makovetsky, V.K.Miloslavsky | Article (PDF format) 290
Growth and characterization of urea-doped KDP crystals // I.Pritula, A.Kosinova, M.Kolybayeva, V.Puzikov, S.Bondarenko, V.Tkachenko, V.Tsurikov, O.Fesenko | Article (PDF format) 295
Superconductivity suppression at twin boundaries and longitudinal and transversal transport anisotropy in oxygen deficient YBa2Cu3O7-x single crystals // R.V.Vovk, M.A.Obolenskii, A.A.Zavgorodniy, A.V.Bondarenko, I.L.Goulatis, N.N.Chebotaev | Article (PDF format) 302
Radiation-induced processes and defects in purified CsI crystals // I.Garapyn, B.Pavlyk, B.Tsybulyak | Article (PDF format) 309
Control of energy storage of Lu2SiO5:Ce3+ nanocrystals by co-activation // A.A.Masalov, O.G.Vyagin, I.I.Ganina, Yu.N.Velikhov, Yu.V.Malyukin | Article (PDF format) 313
Isomorphic substitution of samarium for strontium in the Sr5(VO4)3OH structure // E.I.Get`man, V.I.Marchenko, S.N.Loboda, N.V.Yablochkova, A.L.Plehov | Article (PDF format) 317
Study of nature of some defects visible in polarized light in sapphire single crystals // V.F.Tkachenko, A.Ya.Dan`ko, V.M.Puzikov, A.T.Budnikov, O.A.Lukienko, N.S.Sidelnikova, G.T.Adonkin | Article (PDF format) 321
The application of the free boundary condition to the problem of binary smelt crystallization // V.N.Kanischev, S.V.Barannik | Article (PDF format) 327
Rotation of single crystals of chiral dopants at the top of a nematic droplet: a hydrodynamical analogy // I.A.Gvozdovskyy, L.N.Lisetski | Article (PDF format) 332
Synthesis of (Ca,Cu)(1-3x/2)NxTiO3 solid solutions (N=Bi, La) // E.A.Vovk, V.M.Ishchuk, T.G.Deineka, V.N.Baumer, Z.P.Sergienko, A.A.Kozlovskiy | Article (PDF format) 338
Electrodeposition of copper indium diselenide films using pulse plating technique // N.P.Klochko | Article (PDF format) 343
Elasticity module and hardness of niobium and tantalum anode oxide films // S.N.Dub, V.V.Starikov | Article (PDF format) 347
Autoepitaxy and the main orientational relations at crystallization out of amorphous state in Cr-O and V-O films // A.G.Bagmut, V.A.Zhuchkov, D.V.Melnichenko | Article (PDF format) 351
Concentration and structural ordering in nano-crystalline ion-plasma condensates of (W,Ti)C solid solution // O.V.Sobol' | Article (PDF format) 356
Aluminium-vacancy complexes in Ge1-xCx // A.I.Chroneos, I.L.Goulatis | Article (PDF format) 362
Anodic behavior of passive metals and their alloys in chloride solutions // V.V.Tovkes, O.L.Smirnova, B.I.Bajrachnyj | Article (PDF format) 365
Mesoporous SBA-15 silica modified with calix[4]arene and beta-cyclodextrin // O.V.Kuchma, Yu.L.Zub, A.Dabrowski, O. Solcova | Article (PDF format) 369
Defect formation in diffusive layers of ZnSe:Sn and ZnSe:Mg // V.I.Gryvul, V.P.Makhniy, I.V.Tkachenko | Article (PDF format) 374
Thermomagnetic studies of thermoexfoliated graphite-transition metal composites // L.L.Vovchenko, M.G.Babich, M.I.Zakharenko, A.I.Brusilovets, L.M.Kapitanchuk | Article (PDF format) 378
Structure of near-surface magnetic layer in iron borate // V.E.Zubov, M.B.Strugatsky, K.M.Skibinsky | Article (PDF format) 382
News of Technology
Preparation of tungsten crucibles starting from tungsten fluoride // Yu.V.Gorenko, A.F.Korzh, L.A.Lytvynov, N.A.Semyonov, N.A.Hovansky, B.M.Shirokov | Article (PDF format) 386
Multilayer X-ray mirrors Mo-B4C - new crystals-analyzers for wavelength range of 5 to 12 A // I.A.Kopylets, A.A.Baturin, I.F.Mikhailov | Article (PDF format) 392
Electrochemical synthesis of catalytic active alloys // T.Nenastina, T.Bairachnaya, M.Ved, V.Shtefan, N.Sakhnenko | Article (PDF format) 395