"Functional materials", Vol.14, No.4, 2007.

Contents | Contents (PDF format)
Prosperity and difficulty of bulk crystal growth of semiconductor compounds (a review) // Peter Rudolph | Article (PDF format) 411
Characterization and properties
Optical absorption and photoconductivity of ZnSe:Co single crystals // Yu.F.Vaksman, V.V.Pavlov, Yu.A.Nitsuk, Yu.N.Purtov, A.S.Nasibov, P.V.Shapkin | Article (PDF format) 426
Morphology and properties of new porous biocomposites based on biogenic hydroxyapatite and synthetic calcium phosphates // O.Sych, N.Pinchuk, A.Parkhomey, A.Kuda, L.Ivanchenko, V.Skorokhod, O.Vasylkiv, O.Getman, Y.Sakka | Article (PDF format) 430
Thermal factor effect on phase formation, structure, substructure features, and stress state in ion-plasma nano-crystalline condensates of quasi-binary WC-TiC carbide // O.V.Sobol' | Article (PDF format) 436
Control of refractive index and composition of TiO2 thin film deposited by radiofrequency reactive sputtering // S.W.Kwon, W.S.Yang, H.M.Lee, W.K.Kim, H.-Y.Lee, W.J.Jeong, M.K.Song, D.H.Yoon | 446
The influence of BaF2 on scintillation properties of PbWO4 crystal // Youbao Wan, Jianxing Zhang, Rurong Wu, Sanfa Xing, Hui Yang | Article (PDF format) 450
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of nanopowders of ZrO2-Y2O3-Cr2O3 compounds // A.M.Korduban, I.A.Yashchishyn, T.E.Konstantinova, I.A.Danilenko, G.K.Volkova, V.A.Glazunova | Article (PDF format) 454
Phase transformations at reduction of corundum // A.Ya.Dan`ko, M.A.Rom, N.S.Sidelnikova, Kh.Sh.Kaltaev, S.V.Nizhankovsky, A.I.Fedorov | Article (PDF format) 460
XRD and impedance spectroscopy study of phase transitions in nanocrystalline Li-Mn spinels // D.V.Lisovytskiy, V.N.Baumer | Article (PDF format) 468
Features of resonance absorption of longitudinal ultrasound in strained crystals KBr at temperature variations // A.M.Petchenko, G.A.Petchenko | Article (PDF format) 475
Magnetoresistance and magnetic susceptibility of doped Si-Ge whiskers // A.A.Druzhinin, I.P.Ostrovskii, Yu.R.Kogut, J.K.Warchulska | Article (PDF format) 480
Rotational viscosity of induced smectic C* phase of liquid crystal // E.V.Popova, A.P.Fedoryako, V.V.Vashchenko, L.A.Kutulya | Article (PDF format) 485
Liquid crystal formation in mixtures of metal alkanoates: gadolinium-containing binary systems // L.N.Zavora, V.D.Panikarskaya, N.A.Kasian, A.I.Bedrik, V.M.Shershukov, L.N.Lisetski, T.A.Mirnaya | Article (PDF format) 488
Modeling and simulation
Simulation of phase diagrams in LaNi5-H2(D2) system and inversion of isotopic effect // V.S.Marinin, Yu.F.Shmalko, K.R.Umerenkova | Article (PDF format) 492
Twinning elements of 2-nd order derived from crystal lattice parameters in central-symmetrical ferroelastics // D.I.Savytskii | Article (PDF format) 498
Comparison of different rough surface models for computer simulation of light collection in a scintillator/light guide system // I.V.Kilimchuk, V.A.Tarasov | Article (PDF format) 505
Influence of the director anchoring energy on a light induced Freedericksz transition threshold in the bounded light beams // A.A.Berezovskaya, S.N.Yezhov, M.F.Ledney, I.P.Pinkevych | Article (PDF format) 510
Radiative conduction problem in the thin layer of semi-transparent medium. The weak absorption case // A.V.Kolesnikov, Yu.P.Virchenko | Article (PDF format) 515
Nonlinear spin waves in antiferromagnets with uniaxial magnetic anysotropy in a magnetic field // O.Yu.Gorobets | Article (PDF format) 521
Optical properties of LiNbO3:Zn and LiNbO3:Zn:Nd fiber single crystals grown by micro-pulling down method // H.J.Lee, J.W.Shur, O.Nakamura, D.H.Yoon | Article (PDF format) 536
Thermal lag of the growth furnace heating assembly at CsI(Na) crystal growing from constant melt volume on a seed // V.I.Goriletsky, V.V.Vasilyev, O.Ts.Sidletskiy, M.M.Tymoshenko, V.I.Sumin | Article (PDF format) 541
Effect of growth atmosphere on Ce3+ incorporation in Gd2SiO5 single crystals // V.G.Bondar, V.I.Krivoshein, V.P.Martynov , L.L.Nagornaya, O.Ts.Sidletskiy | Article (PDF format) 546
Structure perfection of bulk and near-surface layers in sapphire single crystals // V.F.Tkachenko, V.M.Puzikov, A.Ya.Dan`ko, A.T.Budnikov, O.A.Lukienko | Article (PDF format) 550
Back surface reflector optimization for thin single crystalline silicon solar cells // V.R.Kopach, M.V.Kirichenko, S.V.Shramko, R.V.Zaitsev, I.T.Tymchuk, V.A.Antonova, A.M.Listratenko | Article (PDF format) 555
Production of nano-pore track membranes based on PET films irradiated by Ar ions // V.A.Bomko, A.F.Burban, A.F.Kobets, A.Kryshtal, I.V.Vorobyova, B.V.Zajtsev 562 | Article (PDF format) 562
Potentialities for sapphire strength enhancement // O.V.Voloshyn, L.A.Lytvynov, E.V.Slyunin | Article (PDF format) 569
Nanoscale Co/C multilayers for "carbon window" Schwarzschild objective // Ye.A.Bugayev, A.Yu.Devizenko, E.N.Zubarev, V.V.Kondratenko | Article (PDF format) 573
New approach to catalytic Co<196>W alloy electrodeposition // M.Ved, V.Shtefan, T.Bairachnaya, N.Sakhnenko | Article (PDF format) 580
Biphasic (HA/beta-TCP) calcium phosphate ceramics // Z.Z.Zyman, N.V.Tkachenko, D.V.Polevodin | Article (PDF format) 585
Члену-коpреспонденту НАН Украины А.В.Толмачеву - 60 лет | Article (PDF format) 591
Author Index, Vol. 14, 1-4, 2007 592 | Article (PDF format) 592