"Functional materials", Vol.15, No.2, 2008.

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Characterization and properties
Distribution and luminescence characteristics of Ce3+ ions in calcium hydroxyapatite // I.V.Berezovskaya, N.P.Efryushina, G.B.Stryganyuk, A.S.Voloshinovskii, E.V.Zubar, V.P.Dotsenko | Article (PDF format) 164
Radiation damage of isotactic polypropylene composites with multi-walled carbon nanotubes // L.V.Diyakon, O.P.Dmytrenko, N.P.Kulish, Yu.I.Prylutskyy, Yu.E.Grabovskiy, N.M.Belyy, S.A.Alekseev, A.N.Alekseev, Yu.I.Sementsov, N.A.Gavrylyuk, V.V.Shlapatskaya, L.Valkunas, U.Ritter, P.Scharff | Article (PDF format) 169
NQR investigation of crystal structure peculiarities of layered Pbx-1CdxI2 semiconductors // Yu.P.Gnatenko, I.A.Beinik, A.I.Barabash, I.G.Vertegel, E.D.Chesnokov, A.I.Ovcharenko, L.S.Ivanova | Article (PDF format) 175
Unusual paramagnet to ferromagnet phase transition and magnetic inhomogeneitiesv in hole doped manganites // A.V.Lazuta, V.A.Ryzhov, I.A.Kiselev, Yu.P.Chernenkov, O.P.Smirnov, P.L.Molkanov, I.O.Troyanchuk, V.A.Khomchenko | Article (PDF format) 178
Spectral and kinetic characteristics of luminescence in CsI-Ca crystals // S.V.Myagkota, A.S.Pushak, G.B.Stryganyuk, S.S.Novosad, I.P.Pashuk | Article (PDF format) 187
Sensitization processes in materials based on compounds containing a Xe-O bond // P.A.Kondratenko, Yu.M.Lopatkin, T.N.Sakun | Article (PDF format) 192
Formation of micro-discontinuities during thermal processing and plastic deformation of polycrystalline materials // E.E.Badiyan, A.G.Tonkopryad, O.V.Shekhovtsov, R.V.Shurinov | Article (PDF format) 198
Modeling and simulation
Processes of inhomogeneous magnetization reversal in real crystals // R.M. Vakhitov, A.R. Yumaguzin | Article (PDF format) 203
FMR linewidth and resonance frequency shift caused by double exchange in doped lanthanum manganites // K.O.Khutsishvili, N.P.Fokina | Article (PDF format) 209
Spin-reorientation phase transitions in soft magnetic films of different anisotropy // A.V.Bezus, Yu.A.Mamalui, Yu.A.Siryuk | Article (PDF format) 218
Peculiarities of photonic band gap width dependence upon concentration of the admixture layers randomly included in composite material // V.V.Rumyantsev, S.A.Fedorov, E.Ya.Shtaerman | Article (PDF format) 223
Control of radiation-conductive heat exchange at crystal growth from melt // V.I.Deshko, A.Ya.Karvatskii, A.V.Lenkin, Yu.V.Lokhmanets | Article (PDF format) 229
Magnetic inhomogeneities of soliton and breather type in magnetics with local nonhomogeneities of anisotropy // E.G.Ekomasov, Sh.A.Azamatov, R.R.Murtazin | Article (PDF format) 235
Influence of damping parameter on reflection of bulk spin waves from the uniaxial multilayer ferromagnetic structure // Yu.I.Gorobets, S.A.Reshetnyak, T.A.Homenko | Article (PDF format) 239
Surface magnetism of non-ideal iron borate single crystal // E.M.Maksimova, I.A.Nauhatsky, M.B.Strugatsky | Article (PDF format) 244
ZnMgSe:Cr2+ single crystal: a novel material for active elements of tunable IR region lasers (rapid communication) // Yu.A.Zagoruiko, N.O.Kovalenko, O.A.Fedorenko, V.A.Khristyan | Article (PDF format) 247
Photostimulated passivation of spectrometric CdZnTe detectors // Yu.A.Zagoruiko, N.O.Kovalenko, O.A.Fedorenko, V.K.Komar, S.V.Sulima, M.V. Dobrotvorskaya, I.S. Terzin | Article (PDF format) 249
New approach to the efficiency increase problem for multi-junction silicon photovoltaic converters with vertical diode cells // V.R.Kopach, M.V.Kirichenko, S.V.Shramko, R.V.Zaitsev, S.A.Bondarenko | Article (PDF format) 253
Luminescent ceramics based on polycrystalline calcium fluoroapatite Ca10(PO4)6F2:Eu3+ // N.V.Babayevskaya, P.V.Mateychenko, T.G.Deineka, Z.I.Kolupaeva | Article (PDF format) 259
Nanodimensional formations on the CdTe and ZnxCd1-xTe surfaces at chemical etching // Z.F.Tomashyk, V.M.Tomashyk, I.I.Hnativ, I.B.Stratiychuk, P.Moravec, J.Franc, V.Ivanitska | Article (PDF format) 265
High-sensitivity piezoceramic elements for medical ultrasonic examination equipment // N.A.Spiridonov, L.G.Gusakova, V.M.Pogybko, V.N.Spiridonov, V.M.Ischuk | Article (PDF format) 269
Surface defects of BGO crystals // E.P.Galenin, I.V.Gerasymov, V.T.Nahornyak, O.Ts.Sidletskiy, S.A.Tkachenko | Article (PDF format) 274
Influence of inorganic scintillator light output non-proportionality and energy of registered ionizing radiation on radiometric parameters of detectors on their base // Yu.T.Viday, V.A.Tarasov, T.E.Gorbacheva | Article (PDF format) 279
Specific growing features of variable section sapphire articles by Stepanov technique // P.V.Konevskiy, E.P.Andreev, L.A.Lytvynov | Article (PDF format) 283
Interaction of hygroscopic halides with reactive gas atmosphere at elevated temperatures // T.P.Rebrova, V.L.Cherginets, T.V.Ponomarenko, Yu.I.Dolzhenko | Article (PDF format) 287
Determination of side products of stilbene synthesis by gas chromatography and chromato-mass spectrometry // V.A.Averin, R.I.Aruslanova, S.V.Budakovsky, V.L.Volkov, V.V.Vashchenko, I.V.Knyazeva | Article (PDF format) 293
8-Hydroxyquinoline derivatives with 2-pyrazoline fragment in chromophore system as chelating agents for polyvalent metals // A.J.Marrugo Gonzalez, V.D.Orlov, A.O.Doroshenko | Article (PDF format) 299
Specific features of dielcometric water determination in alcohols used in synthesis and analysis of functional materials // T.A.Blank, L.P.Eksperiandova, O.Ts.Sidletsky, N.A.Kasyan, L.N.Lisetsky | Article (PDF format) 301