"Functional materials", Vol.16, No.1, 2009.

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Characterization and properties
Evolution of the time and spatial photoresponse instabilities of the sensors based on CdZnTe crystals // A.V.But, V.P.Mygal, A.S.Phomin | Article (PDF format) 5
Interplay of point and planar defects in the phase state formation and dynamics of Abrikosov vortices in YBa2Cu3O7-delta crystals // Yu.T.Petrusenko, A.V.Bondarenko | Article (PDF format) 11
Thermoelectric properties of the layered oxides LnBaCu(Co)FeO5+delta (Ln = La, Nd, Sm, Gd) // A.I.Klyndyuk, Ye.A.Chizhova | Article (PDF format) 17
Infrared spectroscopy and electroreflectance in the region of fundamental optical transition E0 of heavily doped n-GaAs (100) // P.O.Gentsar, O.I.Vlasenko, M.V.Vuichyk, O.V.Stronski | Article (PDF format) 23
Luminescent photonic crystals // S.O.Klimonsky, A.S.Sinitskii, V.V.Abramova, S.V.Eliseeva, J.Li, P.Zhang, M.Li, J.Y.Zhou, Yu.D.Tretyakov | Article (PDF format) 29
Optical properties of Ge-As-S thin films // I.D.Tolmachov, A.V.Stronski | Article (PDF format) 32
Absorption edge of nanocrystalline cubic silicon carbide films // A.V.Lopin, A.V.Semenov, V.M.Puzikov, S.N.Skorik | Article (PDF format) 36
Spectroscopic studies of dye-surfactant interactions in aqueous solutions in pre- and post-micelle formation concentration ranges // S.Yefimova | Article (PDF format) 41
Modeling and simulation
On the transition criterion to the regular cellular structure of a binary melt crystallization front // V.N.Kanischev, S.V.Barannik | Article (PDF format) 48
Research and development of alkali earth tungstate and molybdate crystal scintillators for search for rare events // L.L.Nagornaya, A.M.Dubovik, B.V.Grinyov, K.A.Katrunov, I.A.Tupitsyna, Yu.Ya.Vostretsov | Article (PDF format) 54
Effect of oxidation method of cadmium and zinc chalcogenide substrates on physical properties of CdO and ZnO heterolayers // V.P.Makhniy, Yu.N.Boiko, N.V.Skrypnyk, M.M.Slyotov, S.V.Khusnutdinov | Article (PDF format) 59
Growing of ZnWO4 single crystals from melt by the low thermal gradient Czochralski technique // E.N.Galashov, V.A.Gusev, V.N.Shlegel, Ya.V.Vasiliev | Article (PDF format) 65
Preparation and scintillation properties of LGSO:Ce crystals // O.Ts.Sidletskiy, V.G.Bondar, B.V.Grinyov, D.A.Kurtsev, V.N.Baumer, K.N.Belikov, Z.V.Shtitelman, S.A.Tkachenko, O.V.Zelenskaya, N.G.Starzhinsky, K.A.Katrunov, V.A.Tarasov | Article (PDF format) 67
A liquid scintillator for thermal neutrons detection // Ya.Ding, N.A.Gundorin, Zh.Zhang, I.B.Nemchenok, L.B.Pikelner | Article (PDF format) 73
Temperature dependence of radiation resistance of scintillation detectors based on lead tungstate crystals // S.F.Burachas, M.S.Ippolitov, V.I.Manko, S.A.Nikulin, A.N.Vasiliev, A.L.Apanasenko, A.N.Vasiliev, A.V.Uzunian, G.Tamulaitis | Article (PDF format) 76
Fringe effects in large-area scintillation detectors // A.Yu.Boyarintsev, A.V.Gektin, V.P.Gavrilyuk, V.I.Koshel, V.Yu.Pedash | Article (PDF format) 82
New generation of organic scintillation materials // S.V.Budakovsky, N.Z.Galunov, B.V.Grinyov, J.K.Kim, Y.K.Kim, O.A.Tarasenko | Article (PDF format) 86
Development of new composite scintillators based on organic single crystal grains // N.L.Karavaeva, O.A.Tarasenko | Article (PDF format) 92
Mass-spectrometric studies of the charge for CdWO4 crystal growth // D.S.Sofronov, L.L.Nagornaya, I.A.Tupitsyna, K.A.Kudin | Article (PDF format) 97
Comparison of refining by distillation and crystallization // A.I.Kravchenko | Article (PDF format) 101
Inorganic anion exchanger based on silica with grafted polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride // E.S.Yanovska, A.D.Dadashev, V.A.Tertykh | Article (PDF format) 105