"Functional materials", Vol.16, No.2, 2009.

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Characterization and properties
Scintillation primary quenching in organic condensed media revisited // N.Z.Galunov, E.V.Martynenko, V.P.Semynozhenko, O.A.Tarasenko | Article (PDF format) 117
Method for energy scale calibration of the scintillation detector at registration of recoil protons // V.P.Bozhko, <128>.N.Vodin, S.N.Olejnik, G.E.Tuller | Article (PDF format) 122
Molecular packing in organic anisotropic media: effects of piesothermal factors on optical transmission in polycrystalline samples // S.S.Minenko, O.A.Tarasenko, S.V.Budakovsky, L.N.Lisetski, N.Z.Galunov | Article (PDF format) 126
Absorption spectra of layered ZnI2 and K2ZnI4 compounds intercalated with CO2 // O.N.Yunakova, V.K.Miloslavsky, E.N.Kovalenko, E.D.Makovetsky | Article (PDF format) 130
Optical and nonlinear optical characterization of nanostructured oxyhydroxide of aluminium // V.Ya.Gayvoronsky, M.A.Kopylovsky, E.A.Vishnyakov, A.N.Khodan, J.-L.Vignes, M.N.Esaulkov, A.P.Shkurinov | Article (PDF format) 136
Coagulation of luminescent colloid nGdVO4:Eu solutions with inorganic electrolytes // V.K.Klochkov | Article (PDF format) 141
Methods of optical absorption reduction in irradiated KDP single crystals containing arsenic ions // A.N.Levchenko | Article (PDF format) 145
The spin states of cobalt ions and thermo-e.m.f. in erbium and holmium cobaltites // V.F.Khirnyi, A.A.Kozlovskii, A.V.Semenov, V.M.Puzikov | Article (PDF format) 150
Surface morphology and structure of nanocrystalline diamond films deposited in CH4/H2/Ar glow discharge plasma // I.I.Vyrovets, V.I.Gritsyna, S.F.Dudnik, O.A.Opalev, E.N.Reshetnyak, V.E.Strel'nitskiy | Article (PDF format) 155
Structure, phase states and change of magnetic properties at recrystallization of thin-film Ni laser condensates // A.G.Bagmut, I.G.Shipkova, V.A.Zhuchkov | Article (PDF format) 161
Determination of the solid phase concentration in the course of material solidification // O.Yu.Aktan | Article (PDF format) 170
Effect of deformation by equal-channel multiangle pressing on functional properties of NbTi-based superconductor // V.A.Beloshenko, V.P.Dyakonov, V.V.Chishko, N.I.Matrosov, O.N.Mironova, D.Gajda, A.J.Zaleski, R.Puzniak | Article (PDF format) 174
The local charge carrier interaction with lattice defects in ZnCdTe and ZnHgTe solid solutions // O.P.Malyk | Article (PDF format) 179
Size distribution of magnetite nanoparticles in a polymer matrix // R.A.Ali-zade, M.A.Ramazanov, R.Z.Sadykhov | Article (PDF format) 183
Contact electrodeposition of CdTe thin films // N.P.Klochko, N.D.Volkova, M.M.Kharchenko, V.R.Kopach | Article (PDF format) 190
ZnSe:Cr2+ laser crystals grown by Bridgman method // V.K.Komar, D.P.Nalivaiko, S.V.Sulima, Yu.A.Zagoruiko, O.A.Fedorenko, N.O.Kovalenko, O.N.Chugai, I.S.Terzin, A.S.Gerasimenko, N.G.Dubina | Article (PDF format) 192
Phase composition evolution of co-precipitated zirconium and yttrium hydroxides during heat treatment // S.V.Gabelkov, R.V.Tarasov, N.S.Poltavtsev, F.V.Belkin | Article (PDF format) 197
Radiometric characteristics of combined detectors on the basis of organic and inorganic scintillators and the use thereof in radiational situation monitoring // V.A.Tarasov, Yu.T.Vydai, T.E.Gorbacheva, A.A.Ananenko | Article (PDF format) 202
Precision tomoghaphic system based on annular scintillation detector and Multi Pin-hole collimator // A.V.Dyomin, A.P.Skibin | Article (PDF format) 206
Magnetite and maghemite nanocrystals: variation of synthesis and stabilization conditions // O.Korovyanko, M.Sytnyk, Yu.Khalavka, O.Kopach | Article (PDF format) 211