"Functional materials", Vol.19, No.1, 2012.

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Characterization and properties
Generation and energy exchange of charge states in organic molecular crystoline scintillators // O.A.Tarasenko | Article (PDF format)5
Functions of biogenic magnetic nanoparticles in organisms // S.V.Gorobets, O.Yu.Gorobets | Article (PDF format)18
Magnetic properties of modified amorfous and nanocrystalline alloys based on Fe and Co // B.N.Filippov, A.P.Potapov, V.V.Shulika | Article (PDF format)27
Spintronic devices based on magnetic nanostructures // L.V.Lutsev, A.I.Stognij, N.N.Novitskii, A.S.Shulenkov | Article (PDF format)33
Semiconductor surfaces structurization induced by ultrasound // R.K.Savkina | Article (PDF format)38
Highly-ordered nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide films // A.V.Voloshko, V.V.Danilina, P.V.Mateychenko, I.I.Bespalova | Article (PDF format)44
Luminescent properties of Y3Al5O12 nanograined ceramics and single crystals // Yu.Zorenko, T.Voznyak, V.Gorbenko, A.Doroshenko, A.Tolmachev, R.Yavetskiy, I.Petrusha, V.Turkevich | Article (PDF format)48
Self-focusing effect on the second harmonic generation in the KDP single crystals with incorporated anatase nanoparticles // V.Ya.Gayvoronsky, M.A.Kopylovsky, V.O.Yatsyna, A.S.Popov, A.V.Kosinova, I.M.Pritula | Article (PDF format)54
Intrinsic UV-VUV luminescence and X-ray emission spectroscopy of BeO and multicomponent oxide dielectrics // V.Ivanov, V.Pustovarov, A.Kikas, T.Kaambre, I.Kuusik, M.Kirm | Article (PDF format)60
Hybrid scintillators on the basis of ammonium salicylate and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate for neutrons detection // A.I.Ananenko, A.P.Voronov, G.N.Babenko, U.T.Vyday, V.I.Salo | Article (PDF format)66
Exciton migration in pseudoisocyanine J-aggregates formed in polymer films // A.V.Sorokin, B.A.Gnap, I.I.Fylymonova, S.L.Yefimova | Article (PDF format)70
Helical twisting in cholesterics doped by banana-shaped molecules // M.I.Serbina, S.I.Maksimenko, R.V.Kondratyeva, L.G.Derkach, N.S.Novikova, L.N.Lisetski | Article (PDF format)75
Optical and unique photovoltaic properties of 2-cyano-3-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-2-propentioamide dye deposited on the gilded substrate // V.M.Yashchuk, N.A.Davidenko, A.P.Naumenko, V.Yu.Kudrya, Yu.L.Slominski, K.P.Grytsenko, T.P.Doroshenko, K.M.Kushnir, V.V.Kosach | Article (PDF format)80
Structure and fluorescence of ZnWO4 films prepared by ion beam sputtering // A.Dubovik, A.Fedorov, K.Katrunov, A.Lebedynskiy, G.Onischenko, S.Yakovin, A.Zykov | Article (PDF format)84
Modeling and simulation
An interrelation between the adsorption-desorption and surface diffusion mechanisms under concentration decomposition of an open submonoatomic overlayer // E.P.Feldman, K.V.Gumennyk, L.I.Stefanovich, Yu.V.Terekhova | Article (PDF format)88
Modeling of magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La0.7Ba0.3MnO3 manganites by Monte Carlo method // O.Pavlukhina, V.Buchelnikov, V.Sokolovskiy | Article (PDF format)97
Cascade model of X-ray M emission for the atoms of heavy metals // M.O.Borovoy, R.M.Ishchenko | Article (PDF format)102
Researches and developments on production of Ni-W alloy based substrates for second generation high-temperature superconductors // V.A.Finkel, A.M.Bovda, V.V.Derevyanko, S.A.Leonov, M.S.Sungurov, T.V.Sukhareva, V.M.Khoroshikh, Yu.N.Shakhov | Article (PDF format)109
Nonlinear-optical phases in strontium tetraborate-lead tetraborat system // Yu.S.Oseledchik, A.L.Prosvirnin, V.Yu.Lutsenko | Article (PDF format)116
Synthesis and spectral properties of new substituted diazepinoporphyrazine compounds as optical materials // S.Tomachynskyi, L.Tomachynska, I.Tretyakova, V.Chernii | Article (PDF format)121
Devices and instruments
Increasing the sensitivity of X-ray fluorescent scheme with secondary radiator using the initial spectrum filtration // I.F.Mikhailov, A.A.Baturin, A.I.Mikhailov, S.S.Borisova | Article (PDF format)126
Resolving power of scintillation panels based on zinc selenide // V.Litichevskyi, S.Galkin, O.Lalaiants, E.Voronkin, S.Mahota, I.Breslavskiy | Article (PDF format)130
Paton | Article (PDF format) 135