"Functional materials", Vol.19, No.3, 2012.

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Characterization and properties
Mechanisms of microvoid formation within KCl single crystals in the pulse energy release area of laser focused radiation // Yu.I.Boyko, M.A.Volosyuk, V.G.Kononenko | Article (PDF format)289
Morphology and spectral behavior of hydroxyapatite nanocrystalline coatings obtained by gas detonation deposition // V.L.Karbovskii, N.A.Kurgan, V.A.Dubok, N.I.Klui, V.Kh.Kasiyanenko, V.V.Stonis, N.V.Rozhkov | Article (PDF format)297
Spin-reorientation phase transition in ferrite-garnet films of different axial anisotropy // Ju.A.Mamalui, Ju.A.Siryuk, A.V.Bezus | Article (PDF format)304
Spectroscopically detected segregation of Pr3+ ions in YPO4:Pr3+ nanocrystals // V.V.Seminko, P.O.Maksimchuk, N.V.Kononets, A.A.Masalov, Yu.I.Boyko, Yu.V.Malyukin | Article (PDF format)309
Radiation induced defects in M1-xPrxF2+x (M2+ = Ca, Sr, Ba, x = 0.35) solid solutions // I.A.Boiaryntseva, N.V.Shiran, A.V.Gektin | Article (PDF format)313
HgCrCdSe as an element of new heterostructure HgCrCdSe/HgMnTe // B.Bekirov, I.Ivanchenko, N.Popenko, V.Tkach | Article (PDF format)319
Strain induced effects in p-type silicon whiskers at low temperatures // A.A.Druzhinin, I.I.Maryamova, O.P.Kutrakov, N.S.Liakh-Kaguy, T.Palewski | Article (PDF format)325
Symmetry peculiarities of the intracrystalline fields layered semiconductor crystals (PbI2)(1-x)(BiI3)x // O.I.Barabash, I.G.Vertegel, E.D.Chesnokov, O.I.Ovcharenko, L.S.Ivanova | Article (PDF format)330
Magnetic and Invar properties of Fe-35 %Ni alloy after grinding of structure by hydroextrusion // V.M.Nadutov, D.L.Vashchuk, Ye.O.Svystunov, V.A.Beloshenko, V.Z.Spuskanyuk, A.A.Davidenko | Article (PDF format)334
Dispersions of carbon nanotubes and organomodified clay platelets in cholesteric liquid crystals // A.M.Chepikov, S.S.Minenko, L.N.Lisetski, N.I.Lebovka, N.V.Usol'tseva, M.S.Soskin | Article (PDF format)343
The formation of J-aggregates in solutions of reverse micelles // I.I.Fylymonova, S.L.Yefimova, A.V.Sorokin | Article (PDF format)348
Modeling and simulation
Dispersion reduction in size of new phase inclusions by changing solve supersaturation // T.V.Kulik, O.L.Shpilinskaya | Article (PDF format)354
On the existence of additional miscibility gap in NicCu1-c fcc alloy // A.N.Timoshevskii, B.Z.Yanchitsky, V.Korenivski | Article (PDF format)358
Electrophoretic mobility of magnetically labeled yeast cells S. cerevisiae // Y.V.Karpenko, S.V.Gorobets | Article (PDF format)362
Structural and morphological features of crystallization reactions of amorphous films according to the electron microscopy data // A.G.Bagmut | Article (PDF format)370
Silica matrices doped with red laser dyes // I.M.Pritula, O.N.Bezkrovnaya, V.M.Puzikov, V.V.Maslov, A.G.Plaksiy, A.V.Lopin, Yu.A.Gurkalenko | Article (PDF format)378
Laser ablation and photostimulated passivation of Cd1-xZnxTe crystals // Yu.A.Zagoruiko, O.A.Fedorenko, V.A.Khristyan, N.O.Kovalenko, P.V.Mateychenko, M.V.Dobrotvorskaya, A.A.Poluboyarov | Article (PDF format)385
Excitation energy transfer in divinylbenzene copolymers // P.N.Zhmurin, D.A.Elyseev, V.D.Titskaya, V.N.Lebedev, A.F.Adadurov | Article (PDF format)390
Devices and instruments
New scintillators for fast and thermal neutron detection // N.Z.Galunov, N.L.Karavaeva, V.P.Seminozhenko | Article (PDF format)394
Luminescence energy yields of organic solid materials exited by photons of light or gamma-radiation // O.A.Tarasenko, N.Z.Galunov, V.D.Panikarskaya, E.V.Sanin, V.A.Tarasov, V.L.Volkov | Article (PDF format)404
Properties of 0-degree domain walls in cubic ferromagnet in transverse magnetic field // R.M.Vakhitov, A.S.Zainullina, O.G.Ryakhova | Article (PDF format)410