Evolution of recombination parameters of "solar" monocrystalline
silicon due to thermal and getting treatments

B.N.Romanyuk, V.G.Popov, V.G.Litovchenko, N.I.Klyui, A.B.Romanyuk,
V.I.Gorbulik, D.N.Moskal, S.G.Volkov

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 45 Nauki Ave., 252028 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received February 2, 1998

A number of getting treatments of Cz-Si wafers have been investigated. The characteristic parameters of the wafers have been measured. Among the procedures used, the getting treatment including deposition of Gefilm, followed by ion beam mixing and thermal annealing has been shown to be a preferred one. This treatment allows to increase the diffusion length of non-equilibrium carriers from 25-30 to 100-300 mm. The subsequent heat treatments did not result in deterioration of diffusion length (as it took place for wafers not subjected to gettering treatments).

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