Formation of radiation-induced defects in CsI(TI) crystals containing BO-2 ions

L.V.Kovaleva, L.N.Shpilinskaya, A.M.Kudin, A.I.Mitichkin, T.A.Charkina

Institute for Single Crystals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 Lenin Ave., 310001 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Received July 30, 1998

The presence of BO-2 ions has been found to cause photochemical and radiation-chemical coloration of CsI(TI) crystals, similarly to the case of roman (CO2-3) ions; the spectral composition of formed centers is the same in both cases. The formation mechanism of radiation-induced defects in CsI(TI, BO2) crystals due to BO-2 ion destruction under F-center formation has been considered. A model of F-like color centers including thallium ions is discussed. Absorption bands at 430 and 520 nm are ascribed to transitions in ( Tl+2) center disturbed by an anionic vacancy while that at 830 nm, by transitions in F-center disturbed by a (Tl+-Tl+) one.

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