Kinetics of intercalation

V.Koshkin, N.Tkachenko, O.Yurchenko, Yu.Dolzhenko, V.Glushko

Kharkiv State Polytechnical University, 21 Frunze St., 310002 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Received July 9, 1998

The process rate has been first directly measured for penetration of molecules into a layered crystal matrix resulting in formation of equilibrium intercalation compounds. Taking piperidine penetration into thin textured PbI2 films as an example, the penetration speed has been shown to be from 10-4 to 10-3 cm/s, thus exceeding any typical diffusion rates. The intercalant penetration process has been shown to consist in the phase front motion along the matrix layers at a speed depending logarithmically on the intercalant vapor pressure. It is shown that layered crystals can be used to purify air from organic contaminants, in first turn, from those having pronounced electron-donating molecular properties.

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