Single-ion conductors based on the novel polyurethanes

V.V.Shilov, V.V.Shevchenko, P.Pissis*, A.Kyritsis*, Yu.P.Gomza, S.D.Nesin, N.S.Klimenko

Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 253160 Kyiv, Ukraine
*Department of Physics, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou Campus, 15780 Athens, Greece

Received September 25, 1998

Novel polyurethanes containing acidic (or ionic) groups in their flexible (polyether) segments have been synthesized. Morphology and frequency dependences of their conductivity and dielectric relaxation properties have been studied. The acid-containing polyurethane exhibit homogeheous morphology and a high level of protonic conductivity. The corresponding ion-containing polymer with ionic groups aggregated into multiplets is characterized by a less amount of the charge carriers and a lower conductivity level. It has been shown that in both acid- and ion-containing polyurethanes two relaxation processes take place (the conductivity relaxation and the segmental one), characterized by an essential difference in their activation energy values.

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