Anomalous physical properties of ZnSe crystals grown from the melt


Institute for Single Crystals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 Lenin Ave., 310001, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Received October 12, 1998

Qualitative structure changes occur in ZnSe crystals grown from the melt by Bridgman method under conditions favoring formation of thermoelastic stresses in the crystal lattice. The behavior of their optical, thermal, dielectric and other performances becomes anomalous, so that phenomena are observed untypical for the cubic 3m structure of the crystal lattice. The crystal properties changes occurring in the course of growing has been studied using optical polarization, acousto-optical and other methods and is shown to be related to a special stressed-strained state of the crystal lattice resulting in a lowered crystal symmetry. This assumption is confirmed by observed anomalous effects originating from the anisotropy of physical properties of the cubic crystal.

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