"Functonal materials", Vol.6, No.1, 1999.

The formation of destruction time distribution of material aging by statistically independent perturbations // Yu.P.Virchenko, O.I.Sheremet | Abstract 5
Defects and stresses in amorphous materials // A.V.Paustovsky, Yu.V.Gubin, Yu.A.Kunitsky | Abstract 13
Optimization of scintillation detection systems for registration and identification of low activities // M.E. Globus, B.V.Grinyov, M.A.Ratner, V.A.Tarasov | Abstract 22
Stationary Josephson effect in superconducting mesoscopic multilayers with tunnel ferromagnetic barriers // S.V.Naydenov, A.V.Naduev, S.V.Kuplevakhsky | Abstract 33
Contribution of the 1st kind phase transition smearing due to impurities to heat capacity of condensed systems // M.I.Bagatsky | Abstract 42
Radiation defects accumulation in cesium iodide scintillation crystals under intensive electron beam irradiation // P.V.Galiy | Abstract 47
The selective photoconductivity nature in rare-earth gallium garnets // A.E.Nosenko, V.N.Shevchuk | Abstract 55
Pair interaction of dislocations and twin boundary motion in bismuth single crystals under alternating cyclic loading // M.E.Bosin, F.F.Lavrent'ev, V.N.Nikiforenko | Abstract 60
Magnetic and valent ion states in the real structure of magnetoresistive manganite-lanthanum perovskites // V.S.Abramov, V.P.Pashchenko, S.I.Khartsev, O.P.Cherenkov | Abstract 64
Control of the crystallization front shape in the course of large CsI(Na) single crystals growing by Kyropoulos automated method // V.I.Goriletsky | Abstract 73
Intercalation compounds formation process (X-ray examination in situ) // V.M.Koshkin, E.E.Ovechkina, D.V.Tolmachev, O.V.Yurchenko, A.P.Nekrasov | Abstract 77
Cooling-stimulated electron emission and anomalous changes in the conductivity of CdS crystal faces // B.V.Pavlyk, B.Z.Cybulyak, Ya.M.Goryn', I.V.Kozak | Abstract 83
Phase composition and substructure characteristics of superhard boron nitride polycrystals sintered at different temperatures // L.I.Gladkikh, Z.I.Kolupaeva, A.V.Bochko, N.N.Kuzin | Abstract 87
Study of specific features of lanthanum, gallium and silicon oxides interaction in the course of lanthanum gallosilicate La3Ga5SiO14 charge synthesis // M.F.Dubovik, T.I.Korshikova, E.M.Proskurnya | Abstract 92
Absorption spectra and excitons in solid electrolytes CsyRb1-yCu4Cl3I2 (y = 0.5; 1) // E.N.Kovalenko, V.K.Miloslavsky, O.N.Yunakova | Abstract 96
The Raman scattering in diamond-like carbon films deposited from mass-separated ion beams // V.M.Puzikov | Abstract 102
CuI based transparent conductive coatings // V.K.Miloslavsky, A.P.Silka, V.I.Khramtsova | Abstract 106
X-ray structure study of 2-(pyrid-4-yl)-5-(thien-2-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole and 2-phenyl-5-(fur-2-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole // L.D.Patsenker, V.N.Baumer, V.P.Kuznetsov | Abstract 110
Self-organization features of 1-methyl-1'-octadecyl-2,2'-cyanine iodide molecular chains (J-aggregates) in dimethylformamide-water binary solvents // Yu.V.Malyukin, O.G.Tovmachenko, G.S.Katrich, A.A.Ischenko, K.Kemnitz | Abstract 116
Aggregation and luminescent properties of some oxadiazole derivatives incorporated in poly(methylmethacrylate) Langmuir-Blodgett films // N.I.Voronkina, K.B.Vodolazhskii, A.V.Tolmachev, B.M.Krasovitskii, N.A.Popova, I.V.Lisova | Abstract 121
Spectral and luminescence studies of materials intended for emitters of organic light emitting diodes // O.S.Pyshkin, N.I.Voronkina, A.G.Fedorov, B.M.Krasovitsky, L.M.Buravtseva, K.B.Vodolazhsky, I.Sokolik, A.A.Avdeenko | Abstract 126
Equilibria in the grafted layer of silica chemically modified with propionic acid // Yu.V.Kholin, Yu.V.Shabayeva | Abstract 131
Application of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy in the production of inorganic functional materials // K.N.Belikov, A.B.Blank, N.I.Shevtsov, E.I.Morgunov | Abstract 139
On the possibilities to develop non-piezosensitive pyroelectric sensors // V.F.Kosorotov | Abstract 143
On aluminum phosphate solubility in acid solutions at high pressures // I.Grozescu, I.Muscutariu, D.Irimia, N.Pricopi, M.Barzescu, D.Tomuta | Abstract 148
Columnar structure of AIBi3C5VI amorphous films // V.A.Bazakutsa, A.A.Ryabchun, N.L.Dyakonenko, I.V.Shelest, V.I.Belozertseva | Abstract 151
Thermostimulated luminescence of Li2B4O7:Eu3+ crystals // V.N.Baumer, L.A.Grin', E.F.Dolzhenkova, M.F.Dubovik, A.V.Tolmachev | Abstract 154
Domain formation study in ferrite-garnet Y2.6Sm0.4Fe3.8Ga1.2O2 film in external magnetic field // A.M.Afonin, V.F.Klepikov, I.K.Pukhov, Yu.V.Sereda | Abstract 157
Structurization peculiarities of Langmuir monolayer formed by undissociated ionic pairs // L.V.Chernigov | Abstract 160
Scintillator on polyorganosiloxane base // N.V.Pogorelova, V.G.Vlasov, L.D.Patsenker, A.A.Nemashkalo | Abstract 163
Neutron flux measurements using "scintillator - photodiode - preamplifier" system and new types of scintillators // V.D.Ryzhikov, S.F.Burachas, V.G.Volkov, E.A.Danshin, E.K.Lisetskaya, V.M.Svishch, V.V.Chernikov | Abstract 166

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