"Functonal materials", Vol.7, No.1, 2000.

Electrochemical synthesis and properties of solid-phase films on electrode/electrolyte <->interface (a review) // N.D.Ivanova, S.V.Ivanov | Abstract 5
Kinetic equations for Levy motion // A.V.Chechkin | Abstract 27
A crystallochemical approach to determination of near-impurity exciton formation in alkali halide crystals containing extrinsic isovalent ions // A.N.Panova, B.V.Grinyov | Abstract 33
Crystallization processes control on growing large dimension crystals out of the melt // N.N.Smirnov, V.I.Goriletsky, S.K.Bondarenko | Abstract 41
On a long-range effect of the near-surface Debye layer in ionic crystals // V.I.Solunsky, M.N.Shpigelman | Abstract 47
Effect of two-dimensional structure defects on dielectric properties of CdZnTe crystals // I.A.Klimenko, V.K.Komar, V.P.Migal, D.P.Nalivaiko | Abstract 52
CdBr2:Cd crystal spectral characteristics // S.S.Novosad | Abstract 56
Silver admixture effect on luminescence properties of CdI2 scintillators // S.S.Novosad, A.B.Lyskovich, Ya.A.Pastyrski, B.M.Kostyuk | Abstract 62
Anomalous mechanical properties of metallic glasses of stoichiometric compositions and their interpretation in the framework of dislocation notions // V.Z.Bengus, E.D.Tabachnikova, P.Duhaj | Abstract 67
Twinning role in the radiation damage and plastic deformation in irradiated crystals // I.M.Neklyudov | Abstract 77
Complex study of cast CoCrMo alloy mechanical properties at low temperatures // S.V.Lubenets, L.N.Pal-Val, S.N.Smirnov, L.S.Fomenko, V.I.Dotsenko, M.D.Korol, M.A.Ramus`, E.N.Chaika | Abstract 83
Changes in resistivity and structural state of Zn single crystals under low-temperature cycling // M.E.Bosin, F.F.Lavrent'ev, V.N.Nikiforenko | Abstract 90
Dislocation damping with phonons in KCl crystals // A.M.Petchenko | Abstract 94
Non-string mechanism of dissipation phenomena in zinc single crystals // V.V.Tokiy, I.K.Nosolev, V.Ya.Platkov | Abstract 98
Polymodal Snoek relaxation in ageing Fe-C-AE alloys // B.M.Darinsky, N.Ya.Rokhmanov, V.M.Andronov | Abstract 102
Physico-chemical criteria for description of the composition effect on salt melt structure and properties // E.V.Prikhod`ko, A.F.Petrov | Abstract 108
Dependence of the polycrystalline silicon film texture on technological conditions of the film formation // F.D.Kasimov, N.G.Dzhavadov, F.F.Kasimova, N.M.Muradov | Abstract 114
Study of HTSC resonators // A.A.Dymnikov, N.O.Tokareva | Abstract 118
Investigation of stoichiometry and gas-forming impurity content in silicon carbide // I.V.Pulyaeva , S.O.Tkachenko, L.E.Belenko, L.I.Gorodilova | Abstract 122
Selective optical properties of induced cholesteric containing dispersed network polymer // G.M. Zharkova, I.V. Samsonova, L.A. Kutulya, V.V. Vashchenko, S.A. Streltzov, V.M. Khachaturyan | Abstract 126
2,5-Diaryloxazoles and 2,5-diaryl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles as luminescent dopants for polyorganosiloxane scintillators // N.V.Pogorelova, L.D.Patsenker, A.I.Lokshin | Abstract 132
Studies of phospholipid membranes. 2. Protolytic behaviour of hydrophobic indicator dyes in mixed phosphatidylcholine-diphosphatidylglycerol liposomes and in micelles of surfactants // N.O.Mchedlov-Petrossyan, G.P.Gorbenko, N.A.Vodolazkaya, V.I.Alekseeva, L.P.Savvina | Abstract 138
Polythermal study of kinetics and equilibrium for hydrogen ion sorption on aminosilica // A.A.Samoteikin, Yu.V.Kholin, V.N.Zaitsev, N.R.Sumskaya | Abstract 144
Analysis of statistical percolation electrical breakdown model of enamel-lacquer coatings // Yu.P.Virchenko, O.I.Sheremet | Abstract 150
Growth and morphology peculiarities of Li2B4O7:Ln3+ single crystals // M.F.Dubovik, E.F.Dolzhenkova, V.N.Baumer, A.V.Tolmachev | Abstract 153
Analysis of equilibrium, skeleton and dendrite forms of corundum crystals // V.S.Kanevsky, E.V.Krivonosov, L.A.Litvinov, S.A.Tkachenko | Abstract 156
Crystal field effect on the optical properties of Mn2+ ions in luminophors based on CaF2 and CaAlF5 // A.V.Shamshurin, N.P.Efryushina, E.A.Zhikhareva | Abstract 159
PbF2 as a material for interference coatings of IR spectral region // V.I.Khramtsova, A.P.Silka | Abstract 162
Phase diagram of Ta2O5-Nb2O5 system and some properties of thin films in this system // I.R.Magunov, A.V.Dudkin, R.L.Magunov, N.P.Efryushina | Abstract 165
Thermal neutrons flux measurements using detector 6LiI(Eu)-Si-PIN-PD and a charge-sensitive preamplifier // V.D.Ryzhikov, V.V.Chernikov, E.A.Danshin, E.A.Losseva, N.N.Smirnov, O.V.Zelenskaya | Abstract 168
Preparation of barium titanate based ceramics for capacitors // V.M.Ishchuk, T.G.Deineka, V.P.Tokarev, R.F.Ramakaeva, T.S.Teplitskaya, E.A.Vovk | Abstract 170
Correlation of deposition parameters, film thickness and mechanical stresses in a-C:H films on silicon substrates // A.V.Vasin, S.I.Khandozhko, L.A.Matveeva, A.G.Gontar, A.M.Kutsay | Abstract 173
Sensing properties of sodium stearate Langmuir-Blodgett films // Ya.I. Lepikh, V.A. Smyntyna, V.D. Pronichkin | Abstract 176
What can we wait for in 21st century? (Invitation to forecasting) // A.Ya.Dul'fan | Abstract 179