Research of electric conductivity of Si-GdBaCuO film structures

V.S.Nevolin, P.P.Shevchuk

T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Department of Radiophysics, 64 Volodimirska St., 01017 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received July 21, 1998

Current-voltage characteristics of layer-by-layer etched GdBaCuO/Si structures have been studied and analyzed as functions of the silicon substrate conductivity type, its doping level, and temperature. The GdBaCuO films were deposited using magnetron sputtering without any buffer layers. The successive selective etching of the structure allowed to reveal silicate and silicide layers formed due to direct interaction of silicon with the stoichiometric GdBaCuO film. Their electric conductivity has been studied and the band diagram has been proposed for such structures basing on the study results. In the current transport in that structure, the main part is played by charge transfer mechanisms in the intermediate layer. These mechanisms are compared with the charge transfer ones instructures including a HTSC film on ion-implanted silicon.

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