Vladimir P.Seminozhenko, Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Editor-in-Chief of Functional Materials

(to 50th Anniversary)

Photo Vladimir Petrovich Seminozenko, the noted physicist, specialist in the field of physical materials science, science organizer, popular political figure, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine, Member of NAS of Ukraine Vladimir Petrovich Seminozenko has celebrated on June 9, 2000 his 50th birthday.

V.P.Seminozhenko was born in Kyiv, his father was a serviceman. He resides in Kharkiv since 1961. He has leaven 1967 the school of physico-mathematical type with gold medal and entered Physico-technical Department of Kharkiv State University, and graduated it ahead of schedule with a first-class honors degree. Two years later he has defended his Ph.D. thesis. From 1984 on he is Doctor of Science (Phys.-Math.), from 1988 on, a Professor. 1988, he was chosen for corresponding member and 1992, for Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

During his work in Kharkiv Physico-Technical Institute of AS of Ukraine, then in Donetsk Physico-Technical Institute of AS of Ukraine and later, in Kharkiv Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, AS of Ukraine (1972-1985), V.P.Seminozhenko has obtained a series of theoretical results of great importance concerning the non-equilibrium phenomena kinetics in condensed media. In his studies, fundamental principles of statistic physics of non-equilibrium phenomena are further developed which were laid by Ukrainian school of theoretical physics by N.N.Bogolyubov, A.I.Akhiezer, V.G.Baryakhtar, S.V.Peletminsky. A new interpretation method has been elaborated for the interaction kinetics in systems of quasi particles in strong external fields. This method allowed to solve many problems of importance in the theory of ordering condensed media with different order parameter types. V.P.Seminozhenko has studied kinetic phenomena in traditional superconductors, magnetically ordered dielectrics, ferromagnetic semiconductors under intense external factors, effect of defects in real crystals on electron and magnon kinetics in conductive and magnetic materials. Non-equilibrium states have been considered in superconductors and normal tunnel structures and films and a theoretical model has been proposed first for superconductive tunnel transistor. A picture of relaxation processes in superconductors has been constructed for the first time. New generation mechanisms of acoustic waves in GHz and THz regions in magnetics and superconductors has been considered.

From 1985 on, V.P.Seminozhenko works as General Director of All-Union Scientific and Production Association "Monokristallreaktiv". It was just he who initiated the reorganization of that Association into the Scientific and Technologic Concern "Institute for Single Crystals" of NAS of Ukraine. Thanks to his outstanding organizing ability, extensive erudition and scientific outlook, the Institute and later the Concern became in a short time a leading center of functional materials science and high technology in Ukraine. V.P.Seminozhenko as the scientific leader of the Concern has contributed significantly to the development of radiation instrument building, new nondestructive control methods. His works are of a great importance for nuclear physics research, ecology, medicine, agriculture, etc.

From 1987 on, V.P.Seminozhenko is working actively in the field of experimental and theoretical research of high-temperature semiconductors (HTSC). His studies allowed to prove the presence of phase transitions in yttrium oxide HTSC compounds into ferroelectric state and antiferroelectric one. Theoretical models have been considered for the high-temperature superconductivity formation, the relation has been studied between elastic properties and magnetic ordering in oxide cuprates which, when doped, are turned to HTSC. A comprehensive research has been carried out to prepare various HTSC materials for different purposes. Superconductive single crystals of yttrium compounds free of twins have been grown, for the first time, melt-derived polycrystalline HTSC materials have been produced, a laser evaporation technology has been elaborated for preparation of HTSC films characterized by a high uniformity of critical temperature.

V.P.Seminozhenko has given a great attention to the problem of high critical current HTSC materials. To that purpose, a comprehensive research has been made concerning various heat treatment, texturization, and directional crystallization methods of HTSC materials.

During the last few years, V.P.Seminozhenko plays the leading role in the development of new physical concepts concerning an anomalous high quasi-isomorphic capacity of new crystal materials, rare earth oxides. These concepts are based on the anharmonic adiabatic potential model. The tunnel transition mechanisms in impurity centers of low-symmetric crystal matrices of complex oxides have been interpreted consistently at the first time.

V.P.Seminozhenko is the author of more than 300 scientific works and inventions, 5 monographs. Five Dr.Sci. theses and 11 Phil. Dr. ones have been defended under his leadership. From 1993 on, V.P.Seminozhenko is the Presidium Member of NAS of Ukraine and chairman of the North-Eastern Center of NAS of Ukraine. Under his supervision, the Center has proposed a new functional scheme of regional Academy centers, regional R&D programs in the field of ecology, fuel and energy problems, secondary resources utilization, natural recources use. These programs are now in realization. The concept of regional scientific and technical politics in Ukraine has been elaborated.

V.P.Seminozhenko began his political activity in 1994 when he was elected first People`s Deputy of Ukraine. He played a substantial part in the development and approving of Ukrainian Constitution. He initiated the development and approving of several legislative acts by the Supreme Council including, in particular, Laws of Ukraine "On scientific and technical activity", "On universal secondary education". In the Supreme Council of XIII calling, he was at the heading of the greatest intergroup Deputies` Association "Science of Ukraine", worked as coordinating member of the "Independents" group. Being elected Chairman of Committee for science and education problems of the XIII calling Supreme Council, he consolidated the efforts of the Committee members in the development of complex legislative support in that sphere.

In 1996-98, V.P.Seminozhenko was the Minister of Ukraine for Science and Technologies, Member of the Cabinet Presidium. Being the head of the central executive organ in the field of science, he made considerable efforts to form, in a very short time, an integrated system of State management in that branch. On his initiative, the development concept has been elaborated for the "Science-Technology-Innovations-Industrial Property Protection" system intended to realize R&D works of importance for the home economics and assist in development of the State scientific and technical potential. He was elected the Chairman of the Interstate Committee for scientific and technical development of CVIS countries. From August till December, 1999, he was the Vice Prime minister of Ukraine.

President of Ukraine has conferred Orders "For merits" of 3rd and 2nd class on V.P.Seminozhenko which is also rewarded by decorations of foreign States.

His passions are art and sport. V.P.Seminozhenko is the member of National Union of artists of Ukraine, honorary member of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, member of Union of art photographers of Ukraine.

Editorial Board of Functional Materials, the staff of STC "Institute for Single Crystals" of NAS of Ukraine, the scientific community, colleagues, followers and friends congratulate sincerely Vladimir Petrovich on his jubilee and wish him good health, happiness and new creative achievements.

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