"Functonal materials", Vol.7, No.3, 2000.

Effect of topologically non-trivial magnetic fields on the magnetic moment evolution // Zh.V.Slyozova, A.V.Tur, V.V.Yanovsky | Abstract 384
Outlook for development of a scintielecton detector with improved energy resolution // S.V.Naidyonov, V.D.Ryzhikov | Abstract 390
The photodielectric response of ZnSe crystals in a quadrupolar variable electric field // I.A.Klimenko, V.P.Migal | Abstract 398
Absorption spectra of Rb3xCs3-3xCu2I5 solid solutions // E.N.Kovalenko, V.K.Miloslavsky, O.N.Yunakova | Abstract 402
Specific photoelectric and optical properties of CdS/CdTe film heterosystems with solid solution interlayers // B.T.Boyko, G.S.Khrypunov, O.P.Chernykh | Abstract 406
Laser spectroscopy of optoelectronic phenomena in ZnSiP2 crystals // I.I.Patskun, A.V.Rybalko | Abstract 410
Theoretical study of A->B structure transition in thin epitaxial CaF2 films on Si(111) surface // A.F.Oshkalo, O.A.Zhikol, O.V.Shishkin, A.G.Fedorov, A.V.Belenchuk, O.V.Prezhdo | Abstract 415
Thermostimulated luminescence of Y2W3O12 ceramics // O.M.Bordun | Abstract 420
Surface plasmon resonance in C60 fullerite LB films on Ag polycrystal film // Yu.N.Savin, A.V.Tolmachev | Abstract 424
New antiferroelectric liquid crystal exhibiting a direct TGB-SmCA* transition // A. Petrenko, J.W. Goodby, J. Meier | Abstract 429
New photoactive materials containing photocatalyst and catalyst on high-silica NaY zeolites // S.Ya.Kuchmiy, A.V.Korzhak, G.M.Telbiz, A.I.Kryukov | Abstract 438
Purification of wastes by sublimation ZnSe // Yu.A.Zagoruiko, N.P.Ivanov, V.K.Komar`, Yu.A.Nesterenko, O.A.Fedorenko | Abstract 444
The Tc elevation effects and thermal and magnetic treatment of YBa2Cu3O7-delta polycrystals // L.Z.Lubyany, A.A.Mamalui, I.N.Sablin | Abstract 447
@DATE = Articles presented at XIV International School-Seminar "Spectroscopy of Molecules and Crystals", June 7-12, 1999, Odessa, Ukraine
Luminescent properties of CdWO4crystals doped with Dy3+ ions // S.G.Nedil'ko, M.Diab, O.V.Chukova, V.I.Sheludko | Abstract 450
Electron band structure calculations for PbWO4 crystals // M.U.Bilyi, S.G.Nedil'ko, Yu.A.Hizhnyi, V.Ya.Koshelenko | Abstract 459
Polariton effects at n = 1 orthoexciton resonance in monoclinic beta-ZnP2 crystal // I.S.Gorban' , A.P.Krokhmal', Z.Z.Yanchuk | Abstract 464
The magnetoresistance and magneto-optical properties in amorphous CoFeNiSiB alloys // V.G.Kravets, A.K.Petford-Long, X.Portier, L.V.Poperenko, M.Kolesnik | Abstract 470
Determination of the surface region structure from ellipsometric data // V.A.Odarych | Abstract 475
Photoinduced conversion between lone-pair and bonding electrons in S enriched Ge-S glasses // N.A.Davydova, V.V.Tishchenko | Abstract 480
Optical investigation of the localized bands in the binary alloys of copper and 3d metals // L.V.Poperenko, V.S.Stashchuk, V.V.Vovchenko | Abstract 482
Optical properties of Al-based binary alloy coatings // I.V.Dotsenko, L.V.Poperenko, S.L.Revo, K.O.Ivanenko | Abstract 488
Synthesis and sensitization of naphtalene-contained oligomers for photothermoplastic information recording // E.V.Mokrynskaya, Yu.P.Getmanchuk, N.I.Sokolov, L.V.Poperenko | Abstract 492
Impurity studies in 1000 year old Antarctic ice // A.V.Belyavsky, V.I.Bogillo, V.F.Grishchenko, N.N.Kovalyukh, G.M.Kruchenitsky, N.D.Kurmey, T.I.Makarenko, G.N.Melnichenko, V.I.Melnik, V.A.Pokrovsky, G.A.Puchkovskaya | Abstract 495
Behaviour of 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl nematic liquid crystal in nanopores of Me2+MCM-41 molecular sieves // T.Gavrilko, I.Gnatyuk, G.Puchkovskaya, Yu.Goltsov, L.Matkovskaya, A.Kolbe | Abstract 501
Comparative study of the provitamin D photoisomerization kinetics in ethanol and liquid crystal // I.A. Gvozdovsky, I.P. Terenetskaya | Abstract 508
Light scattering by small macroscopic particles in nematic cell // M.F.Lednei, I.P.Pinkevich, V.Yu.Reshetnyak, T.J.Sluckin | Abstract 513
Light induced Fredericks transition threshold in liquid crystal lightguide // M.F.Lednei, I.P.Pinkevich, O.V.Rud'ko | Abstract 517
Spectroscopic studies of molecular organization in sodium oleate thin films prepared by vacuum deposition // J.Baran, T.Gavrilko, G.Puchkovskaya, H.Ratajczak, Z.Tkachenko, L.Viduta | Abstract 521
Application of optical and positron spectroscopy to structure transformation study in milk fat and its simple purified fractions // V.Y.Kudryavtsev, S.M.Yablochkov, S.P.Likhtorovich, M.M.Nishchenko, T.A.Rashevskaya, I.S.Gulyi | Abstract 525
Optical spectra and structure of frozen aqueous electrolyte solutions with molecular anions // M.U.Bilyi, G.I.Gaididei, V.P.Sakun | Abstract 529
Relation of phosphorescence spectra with structure transformation in benzophenone // N.A.Davydova, V.I.Melnik, K.I.Nelipovitch, M.Drozd | Abstract 532
Spectroscopy of Cl2 (B 3 PI0+u) molecules at high temperatures // L.A. Kernazhitsky, V.V. Naumov | Abstract 535
Spectroscopy of interionic interactions in nitrite aqueous solutions // M.U.Bilyi, G.I.Gaididei, V.P.Sakun | Abstract 540
Deviation of OH bond in H2O molecule // M.U.Bilyi, G.I.Gaididei, B.A.Okhrimenko | Abstract 543
Industrial production of GaAs and Hg1-xCdxTe based crystals and epitaxial structures in Ukraine: actuality and development outlook // V.V.Bogoboyashchiy, K.R.Kurbanov, A.P.Oksanich | Abstract 546
Engineering information
Improvement of Vietnam corundum // V.S.Konevsky, L.A.Litvinov, Nguyen Hoang Ngy | Abstract 552
Deposited manuscript
Simple substances refining: efficiency of distillation methods // A.I.Kravchenko | Abstract 554