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Stochastic model of the multicomponent crystal growth in solid solution. (Part II) // A.S.Abyzov, L.V.Tanatarov | Abstract 166
Linear transport in bounded semiconductors under a thermal field: emergence of nonequilibrium charge carriers // A.V.Meriuts, O.I.Lyubimov, I.N.Volovichev, Yu.G.Gurevich, G.Espejo, O.Yu.Titov | Abstract 176
Crystal chemistry concepts application to determine the energy of OH ion UV absorption band maximum in alkali halide crystals // B.V.Grinyov, A.N.Panova | Abstract 182
Recombination luminescence of europium doped potassium iodide crystals // S.S.Novosad, N.M.Streletska | Abstract 190
Luminescence characteristics of CsPbCl3 single- and nanocrystals in 4 to 26 eV energy range // S.Myagkota, A.Gloskovskii, I.Stefanskii, O.Mel`nik | Abstract 196
Study of concentration supercooling zone of binary melt in two-dimensional crystallization model // S.V.Barannik, A.Ya.Dan'ko, V.N.Kanischev | Abstract 202
Possibility of crystal growth from solution according to normal mechanism // L.A.Lytvynov, S.A.Tkachenko | Abstract 208
Concentrating tools for ultrasonic treatment // A.V.Paustovsky, V.A.Perevyazko | Abstract 212
Kinetic properties and defect structure of p- and n-CuInSe2 // E.I.Rogacheva, T.V.Tavrina, S.N.Galkin | Abstract 218
Luminescence of Mn4+ ions in Mg2GeO4·MgF2 and 2Mg2GeO4·MgF2 solid solutions // A.V.Shamshurin, N.P.Efryushina, A.V.Repin | Abstract 225
Scintillation decay time shortening for low energy g quanta // A.M.Kudin, A.A.Ananenko, Yu.T.Vyday, V.Yu.Gres`, E.V.Sysoeva | Abstract 229
Study of mechanical strain in Si1–xGex layers using Raman spectroscopy // V.V.Artamonov, M.Ya.Valakh, V.N.Dzhagan, R.L.Politansky, V.O.Yukhimchuk | Abstract 232
Effect of the substrate surface charge sign on thin film properties // V.I.Shkaleto, M.A.Us, D.V.Isichenko | Abstract 237
Synthesis, structure and superconductivity of high-temperature superconductor MgB2 // A.A.Blinkin, V.N.Golovin, V.V.Derevyanko, T.V.Sukhareva, V.A.Finkel | Abstract 239
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Frank-Condon state relaxation in some pyrazoline luminophors // S.L.Efimova, Yu.V.Malyukin | Abstract 247
Temperature dependence of resistance and thermal stability of doped polyaniline // O.I.Aksimentyeva, M.Ya.Grytsiv, O.I.Konopelnik | Abstract 251
Catalytic properties of Fe2O3–CeO2 system in ammonia oxidation process // N.I.Zakharchenko | Abstract 255
High porosity teflon for water separation from diesel fuel // A.B.Kaluzhny, V.Ya.Platkov | Abstract 264
Articles presented at International Workshop "Physical Aspects of the Luminescence of Complex Oxide Dielectrics" (LOD'2001), September 24<196>26, 2001, Kyiv, Ukraine
Development of a model for "self-activated" luminescence of dielectric oxide crystals // S.G.Nedilko | Abstract 268
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Kinetic model of crystal luminophors X-ray luminescence // V.Ya.Degoda | Abstract 281
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High pressure spectroscopy of chromium doped materials // M.Grinberg | Abstract 308
Oscillatory regularity in the trap activation energies in a-Al2O3 crystals // A.F.Gumenyuk, S.Yu.Kytovyi, M.O.Grebenovich | Abstract 314
Annealing of color centers in LiBaF3 // P.Kulis, M.Springis, I.Tale | Abstract 320
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Structure of luminescence spectrum and conformation of NO2 molecular anion in crystal matrices // M.U.Bilyi , G.I.Gaididei, B.A.Okhrimenko, V.P.Sakun | Abstract 336
Temperature effect on fluorescent properties of Ca2+ — indo-1 complex // V.L.Zyma, Yu.V.Semenov, M.S.Miroshnichenko, Yu.I.Prylutskyy | Abstract 340
Heat- and radiation-induced oxidation effect on luminescence properties of polystyrene compositions // A.Yu.Borisenko, V.G.Senchishin, T.V.Sakhno | Abstract 343
Electrochemically produced alumina as thermoluminescent detector // Margit Osvay | Abstract 347
The Problems of Metrology
Automatic setup for AC magnetic susceptibility measurements of copper oxide ceramics // S.A.Pozigun, V.F.Khirnyi | Abstract 350