"Functonal materials", Vol.9, No.3, 2002.

Dynamic fragmentation theory // O.V.Kuklina, A.V.Tur, A.V.Yanovsky, V.V.Yanovsky 370 | Abstract 370
Kinetics of extreme values // M.A.Lysenko, A.V.Tur, V.V.Yanovsky | Abstract 380
Self-accelerating Painleve-II soliton: a curious mathematical trick or fundamental physics? // A.D.Suprun | Abstract 389
Interacting lattice gas model for hydrogen subsystem of metal hydrides // V.S.Marinin, K.R.Umerenkova, Yu.F.Shmalko, M.P.Lobko, M.V.Lototsky | Abstract 395
On the phase interface shape at crystallization of diluted binary melt // V.N.Kanischev | Abstract 402
Theoretical analysis of reverse hydrogen-induced diffusive phase transformation kinetics in Nd15Fe77B8 alloy // S.B.Rybalka | Abstract 405
Superconducting nanoparticle response to electromagnetic perturbation // V.Z.Lozovski, D.V.Reznik | Abstract 409
Peculiar features and applicability of asymptotic expansions for anisotropic additive intermolecular interactions in anisotropic media. 1. Theory. Model calculations for O2 and p-terphenyl // P.P.Shtifanyuk, A.V.Dyomin, L.N.Lisetski, S.E.Yakovenko | Abstract 416
Evolution of stresses induced by hydrogen transport through a plate // T.A.Ryumshina | Abstract 427
Influence of isoelectric impurities on scintillation and luminescence properties of ZnSe based scintillators // V.Ryzhikov, N.Starzhinskiy, L.Gal'chinetskii, K.Katrunov, K.Kazlauskas, A. Novickovas, G. Tamulaitis | Abstract 433
Tellurium, sulfur, and oxygen isovalent impurities in ZnSe semiconductor // V.M.Koshkin, A.Ya.Dulfan, N.V.Ganina, V.D.Ryzhikov, L.P.Gal'chinetskii, N.G.Starzhinsky | Abstract 438
Interaction of Cd(Zn)Te components with carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen at crystal growing by Bridgeman method // L.V.Atroschenko, S.N.Galkin, L.P.Gal'chinetskii, I.A.Rybalka, V.D.Ryzhikov, E.F. Voronkin, A.I.Lalajants | Abstract 442
Specific features of lithium-gadolinium borate Li6GdB3O9 manufacturing // T.I.Korshikova, V.N.Baumer, M.F.Dubovik, A.V.Tolmachev | Abstract 447
Thermoluminescence of doped Li2B4O7 single crystals // O.T.Antonyak, V.T.Adamiv, Ya.V.Burak, I.M.Teslyuk | Abstract 452
Determination possibility of equilibrium crystal form basing on analysis of its skeleton and dendritic forms // Kh.S.Bagdasarov, L.A.Lytvynov, S.A.Tkachenko | Abstract 457
New compositions for chemical polishing of Cd1-xZnxTe crystals // O.S.Galkina, N.N.Grebenyuk, M.V.Dobrotvorskaya, V.K.Komar, D.P.Nalivaiko, O.N.Chugai | Abstract 463
Crystal shape variation as a way to improve the axial directionality of scintillation gamma detectors // B.V.Grinyov, V.I.Melnik, V.Yu.Pedash | Abstract 467
Ferroelectric liquid crystal as a coherent source of sound // A.P.Fedoryako | Abstract 471
Effect of the conduction zone filling degree on the energy position of localized electron state at dislocation wall // R.M.Peleschak, M.M.Baran | Abstract 474
Condensed films obtained from highly ionized C60 molecular beam // V.A.Dudkin , V.E.Pukha, A.S.Vus, E.N.Zubarev, O.M.Vovk | Abstract 481
On the mechanism of beta-WC --> alpha-W2C transformation under annealing in magnetron-sputtered tungsten carbide films // O.V.Sobol, E.A.Sobol, L.I.Gladkikh, A.N.Gladkikh | Abstract 486
Thermal stability of titanium nitride layers synthesized by thermalion reactive technique // N.S.Boltovets, R.V.Konakova, V.A.Makara, V.V.Milenin, D.I.Voitsikhovskyi, O.V.Rudenko, M.P.Semen'ko | Abstract 491
Wetting angle hysteresis in microdrops // A.A.Borodin, S.V.Dukarov | Abstract 498
Doped organic single crystals as solar energy convertes // J.H.Baker, S.V.Budakovsky, N.Z.Galunov, L.D.Patsenker, I.A.Feduynayeva, A.M.Stepanenko | Abstract 503
Optical and electrical characteristics of triphenylamine composites // V.P.Naydyonov, V.G.Syromyatnikov | Abstract 508
Electric and magnetic properties of composite materials in the polyethylene-nano-crystalline nickel system // L.S.Semko, V.M.Ogenko, S.L.Revo, V.N.Mishchenko, E.I.Oranskaya, N.N.Dashevsky, M.P.Semen'ko, K.O.Ivanenko | Abstract 513
Some physical properties and crystallization of Fe-based metallic glasses under thermomechanical treatment // M.G.Babich, O.P.Brud'ko, M.P.Semen'ko, M.I.Zakharenko | Abstract 519
Formation of thick metal layers by vacuum-arc plasma condensation // I.I.Aksenov, V.A.Belous, O.V.Borodin, Yu.A.Zadneprovsky, N.S.Lomino, V.D.Ovcharenko | Abstract 525
Optical properties of Mn2+ activated Zn2SiO4 and Mg2SiO4 solid solutions // A.V.Shamshurin, N.P.Efryushina, S.L.Tamazlykar', A.V.Repin | Abstract 530
Study of silicide formation processes in Sc/Si multilayer coatings // D.L.Voronov, E.N.Zubarev, V.V.Kondratenko, A.V.Penkov, Yu.P.Pershin | Abstract 534
Resistivity of non-doped and boron-doped magnetron sputtered carbon films // A.A.Onoprienko, V.V.Artamonov, I.B.Yanchuk | Abstract 540
Peculiarities of zirconium hydroxide microwave drying process // N.P.Pilipenko, T.E.Konstantinova, V.V.Tokiy, I.A.Danilenko, V.P.Saakjants, V.B.Primisler | Abstract 545
Activated carbon based supercapacitors // Z.D.Kovalyuk, S.P.Yurtsenyuk, I.V.Mintyanskii, P.I.Savitskii | Abstract 550
Effect of sapphire crystal structure peculiarities on attrition wear // A.V.Voloshin, L.A.Lytvynov | Abstract 554
Manufacturing and study of oscillator modules for microwave ICs N.S. Boltovets, V.V. Basanets, A.V. Zorenko, A.E. Belyaev, R.V. Konakova, V.V. Milenin, D.I. Voitsikhovskyi | Abstract 556
Fractal concept in materials science A.Ya.Dulfan | Abstract 559