"Functonal materials", Vol.9, No.4, 2002.

Atomic interaction in oxide compounds with non-equivalent crystallographic positions (a review) // E.V.Prikhod'ko, V.F.Moroz, B.V.Grinyov, E.F.Dolzhenkova, A.V.Tolmachev | Abstract 573
Heat localization and formation of secondary breakdown structure in semiconductor materials. II. Mathematical analysis of the model // Yu.P.Virchenko, A.A.Vodyanitskii | Abstract 601
Critical separation point of disordered metal hydride phases in the model of interacting lattice gas // V.S.Marinin, Yu.F.Shmalko, K.R.Umerenkova, M.V.Lototsky, M.P.Lobko | Abstract 609
Photometric light collection shapes // S.V.Naydenov | Abstract 617
Quantum excitation of protein alpha-spiral and the problem of protein functionality // A.D.Suprun, Yu.B.Atmazha | Abstract 624
Luminescence of ZnSe based scintillation crystals under selective excitation // V.Ryzhikov, G.Tamulaitis, N.Starzhinskiy, K.Katrunov, K.Kazlauskas, A.Novickovas | Abstract 631
Effect of KCl-KBr solid solution phase interlayer on high-temperature straining of KCl single crystals // V.I.Kibets, V.P.Matsokin, E.M.Nemchenko | Abstract 637
Internal friction of Nd2Fe14B alloy in magnetized and demagnetized state // V.M.Arzhavitin, A.S.Bulatov, V.V.Derevyanko, V.A.Finkel | Abstract 641
Influence of thermal and laser annealing on crystallization, composition and optical properties of Co-based amorphous alloys // V.G.Kravets, M.O.Kolesnik, L.V.Poperenko, A.K.Petford-Long | Abstract 646
Determination of mass fraction of light elements in crystalline materials by the Compton-to-Rayleigh scattering intensity ratio // I.F.Mikhailov, O.V.Sobol', V.V.Varganov, L.P.Fomina | Abstract 651
Photoluminescence of lithium borate glasses doped by lanthanides // J.H.Whang, S.Yu.Sumarokov, S.W.Shin, J.M.Lee, S.H.Choi | Abstract 657
Light-induced reaction of Cu with Cl: Efficiencies above unity, excitation, amplification and diffusion processes // M.V.Dobrotvorskaya, I.V.Krasovsky, P.V.Mateychenko, V.M.Stepanenko, A.V.Tolmachev 661 | Abstract 661
Influence of CdS on properties of Mo/CIS/CdS system with electrodeposited base layer // N.P.Klochko, N.D.Volkova, V.R.Kopach, V.O.Novikov, V.I.Shkaleto | Abstract 682
Effect of hole conductivity on the edge absorption in I-doped CuI films // V.K.Miloslavsky, V.I.Khramtsova, A.P.Silka | Abstract 687
Changes of YBa2Cu3Ox structure and diamagnetic properties in the course of room-temperature reduction in non-aqueous medium // V.Prisedsky, O.Zeleneva | Abstract 692
Planar phase interface stability during solidification of diluted binary melt and variational principle // S.V.Barannik, A.Ya.Dan'ko, V.N.Kanischev | Abstract 697
Investigation of ion implanted metal surfaces by IR spectral ellipsometry // L.V.Poperenko, M.V.Vinnichenko, V.D.Karpusha, A.Roseler | Abstract 703
Comparison of parameters of metal film based pyroelectric detectors // M.I.Kluy, V.O.Lysyuk, L.V.Poperenko, V.S.Staschuk | Abstract 709
Molecules with a Xe-O type interfragmentary bond. Diazonium salts and azides // P.A.Kondratenko, Yu.M.Lopatkin, N.P.Kondratenko | Abstract 713
Experimental and theoretical studies of charge transfer complexes in chloranil-doped molecular crystal melts // O.Ts.Sidletskiy, L.N.Lisetski, V.Ya.Malikov, P.E.Stadnik, V.D.Panikarskaya, S.V.Budakovsky | Abstract 721
New light shifters for solar energy converters // J.H.Baker, N.Z.Galunov, B.M.Krasovitskii, V.P.Titar, L.D.Patsenker | Abstract 727
Surface interactions in metal-doped TiO2 (anatase)-benzophenone heterogeneous systems // T.Bezrodna, T.Gavrilko, G.Puchkovska, V.Shimanovska, L.Babkov | Abstract 732
Structure, spectral and luminescent properties of anthraisoxazolones and anthraisoxazolediones // L.M.Gornostaev, R.V.Mitrokhin, L.D.Patsenker | Abstract 738
Spectral and luminescence characteristics in the series of novel 6-substituted 2-methoxybenzanthrone derivatives // V.M.Shershukov, A.O.Doroshenko, A.N.Artyukhov | Abstract 750
News of technology
Provision of required functional characteristics for "Tile" type articles at machining // V.G.Senchishin, N.V.Verezub, M.V.Litvinenko, A.A.Chernyshov | Abstract 756
Effect of pulsed oxygen plasma on copper-oxide ceramics of Y-Ba-Cu-O composition // S.A.Pozigun, V.F.Khirnyi, V.A.Alekseev, V.M.Strunnikov | Abstract 762
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