Funct. Mater. 2013; 20 (2): 198-202.

Research of crack resistance of products made of leucosapphire in dependence on conditions of crystals growth by Stepanov method

V.I.Vybyvanets, S.A.Konarev, D.Ya.Kravetsky, V.N.Turchin, A.A.Buchneva

Federal State Unitarian Enterprise "Scientific Research Institute Scientific Industrial Association "LUCH", 24 Zheleznodorozhnaya Str., 142100 Podolsk, Moscow region, Russian Federation


Systematic research was carried out into crack resistance on the planes {1210} of the leucosapphire disks made of the bands grown by Stepanov method in a direction of < 1010> at varying technological parameters and growing modes (initial raw material grade, bands growing rate, quantity of heat-insulating shields, pressure and grades of argon inert gas).


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