Funct. Mater. 2013; 20 (2): 266-271.

High-stable standard samples of mass in the nano-gram range

I.F.Mikhailov, A.A.Baturin, Ye.A.Bugaev, A.I.Mikhailov, S.S.Borisova

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute", 21 Frunze Str., 61002 Kharkov, Ukraine


High-stable mass standards prepared as magnetron sputtered super-smooth metal layers deposited on single crystal substrates were attested. The thin film standards were found to meet the requirements to government standards: they are homogeneous, long-lived, and can be attested by several independent methods. Using the standards, the measurement accuracy is provided not worse than 1 ng in the range from 1 to 17 ng, and not worse than 8 ng in the range from 17 to 3800 ng.


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