Funct. Mater. 2014; 21 (3): 360-363.

Apparatus for studying electro-physical properties of materials at low temperatures under external magnetic fields

O.M.Bovda, V.V.Derevyanko, T.V.Sukhareva, V.A.Finkel

National Science Center "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology", 1 Akademicheskaya Str., 61108 Kharkiv, Ukraine


The object of the work is development and experimental realization of the apparatus for measuring electro-physical properties of materials at temperatures 15-273 K in external magnetic field Hext; in the apparatus, a gas heat engine (cryo-generator) has been used for obtaining low temperatures, and a system of permanent magnets has been applied for producing magnetic fields with magnetization force up to several kOe. Actually, the apparatus consists of two large blocks: a stationary setup for producing low temperatures using the cryo-generator (Leybold), and a detachable setup for creating magnetic fields using a system of permanent magnets pairs made from high-coercive Nd2Fe14B alloy. A system for collecting and treating the data obtained has been developed. For testing the apparatus, comparative measurements of electrical resistivity temperature dependence for MgB2 superconductor have been carried out both in zero magnetic field and under Hext = 2 kOe.


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