Funct. Mater. 2014; 21 (3): 297-301.

Annealing temperature modes influence on properties of heterophase nanocomposites based on ceramics "glass - Ag-Pd" systems

Ya.I.Lepikh, T.I.Lavrenova, T.N.Bugayova, N.P.Zatovskaya, P.O.Snigur

Odesa I.Mechnikov National University, Interdepartmental Scientific-educational Physicotechnical Centre of MES and NAS of Ukraine, 2 Dvoryanskaya Str., 65082 Odesa, Ukraine


Temperature formation modes influence on the electric parameters and operational characteristics thick-film elements made of nanocomposite system "glass - Ag-Pd" are investigated. The manufacturing techniques are described, thick-film elements optimum modes manufacturing are determined. The developed optical attachment for thick-film element IR spectroscopy is described. The nanocomposites based on systems "glass - Ag-Pd" phase structure changing at various formation temperatures was investigated by IR-spectroscopy of reiterated total reflection method. Qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses of conducting thick-film layers are carried out. Film spectra and structure are analyzed.


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