Funct. Mater. 2016; 23 (3): 443-449.

Features of generalized dynamics of quasiparticles in the presence of an external potential field. Part 2. Minkowski equations and degeneration of mobility in the strong fields

A.D.Suprun, L.V.Shmeleva

Faculty of Physics, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, prosp. Glushkova, 4, Kyiv, Ukraine


This article analyses the influence of the external electrostatic field (having an arbitrary space configuration) upon the properties of a free quasi-particle (for example, on the properties of the electron, which was injected into a semiconductor or into a dielectric). Approximations were formulated, that ensure fulfilment of the generalized Minkowski equations for the components of the external field for both methods of description: a quantum method of description within a local frame of reference and a classic method of description within a global frame of reference. It was demonstrated that the generalized dynamics of a quasiparticle in the external potential field might be one of the possible reasons of the abnormal mobility of carriers in the strong fields.

external electrostatic field, quasi-particle, Minkowski equations.

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