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Funct. Mater. 2016; 23 (4): 650-656.


The new radiation-hard plastic scintillators with diffusion enhancers and 3-hydroxyflavone derivatives

E.S.Velmozhnaya, Yu.A.Gurkalenko, D.A.Eliseev,P.N.Zhmurin, V.N.Lebedev, V.N.Pereymak

Institute for Scintillation Materials, STC Institute for Single Crystals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 Nauky Ave., 61001 Kharkiv, Ukraine


New mechanically strong compositions of radiation-hard plastic scintillators with diffusion enhancers and primary dopants with the large Stokes shift are proposed. The new PS has 3 times greater radiation hardness in comparison with the analogues. In order to impart the mechanical strength, the PS are produced on spatially cross-linked polystyrene base.

plastic scintillators, diffusion enhancers, radiation hardness, cross-linked polystyrene.

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