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Funct. Mater. 2017; 24 (1): 175-178.


Computer-informative software for research of the new materials of constructional applications

Yu.Kuts, O.Povstyanoy

Department of computer machine-tools design and machine-building technologies, Lutsk Technical National University, 75 Lvivska Str., 43018 Lutsk, Ukraine


This article describes the main processes of deposition of combined a protective coating on the machine parts. Characterization of the coating process, which includes electric metallization followed by synthesis, was presented. Microstructure and performance of the protective coatings for structural parts of constructional applications from powder obtained from industrial wastes were studied. The aim of this paper is to analyze the main methods to protect surfaces of constructional purposes which obtained from powder of industrial wastes and to explore the process of applying of such a coating that meets modern requirements.

protective coatings, industrial wastes, metallization, oxide ceramic coating, wear resistance.

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