Funct. Mater. 2017; 24 (2): 341-344.


New phoswich detector based on LFS and p-terphenyl scintillators coupled to micro pixel avalanche photodiode

F.Ahmadov1,3, F.Abdullayev1, G.Ahmadov1,2,3, A.Sadigov1,3, Z.Sadygov1,2,3,4, R.Madatov1, S.Suleymanov1,3, R.Akberov2,3, N.Heydarov1, M.Nazarov1

1Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences- AD and IRP, Baku, Azerbaijan
2Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
3National Nuclear Research Centre of MCHT, Baku, Azerbaijan
4Zecotek Photonics Pte, Ltd., Vancouver, Canada


This paper presents the results of phoswich detector which developed on the basis of micro pixel avalanche photodiode and LFS+p-terphenyl scintillators. The beta particles and gamma rays detection performance of the phoswich detector (LFS+p-terphenyl) was investigated. The energy resolution of monochromatic electron was 23 % (625 keV). The detected count ratio of beta particle and gamma ray was about 37 %. It was obtained that this type of phoswich detector discriminates between gamma rays and beta particles due to the differences in the light decay time of scintillators.

phoswich detector, LFS+p-terphenyl scintillators, beta particle, gamma ray.

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