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Funct. Mater. 2017; 24 (3): 376-382.


Sapphire subdivision at different heat treating types

R.Ye.Brodskii, P.V.Konevskiy, R.I.Safronov, A.V.Voloshin

SSI "Institute for Single Crystals", STC"Institute for Single Crystals" National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 Nauky Ave., 61001 Kharkiv, Ukraine


In the work the results of experimental investigation of fragmentation of sapphire samples subjected to various types of heat treating are given. It was studied the fragmentation of the samples subjected to short and long annealing in vacuum, and the samples annealed in a hydrogen atmosphere. For each type of heat treating it was received the distribution of sapphire fragments by masses, asymptotics of the distribution at the large-scale region and found the crack resistance coefficient. The results are were compared with the results of investigation of fragmentation of the sapphire samples not subjected to heat treating.

fragmentation samples, sapphire, resistance coefficient.

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