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Funct. Mater. 2018; 25 (2): 376-380.


Determining the technological mode of foaming of blocked heat-insulating material based on liquid glass in microwave equipment


V. Dahl East Ukrainian National University, 59a Radianskyi Prosp., 93400 Severodonetsk, Ukraine


The foaming process of liquid glass composition during production of blocked heat-insulating material based on liquid glass in the microwave equipment has been researched. The optimum conditions for obtaining he heat-insulating materials using microwave irradiation have been determined. It has been shown that usage of microwave irradiation allows performing the bulk heating of all layers of the liquid glass composition, obtaining the qualitative material and reducing the energy consumption during manufacturing of these products.

blocked heat-insulating material, liquid glass, foaming, microwave irradiation, technological parameters.

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