Funct. Mater. 2018; 25 (3): 619-624.


Merrifield resin-linked polyazole-based sorbent for heavy metal ions extraction from water

I.M.Zviagin1, S.V.Khimchenko1, T.A.Blank1, I.B.-Kh.Shcherbakov1, E.Yu.Bryleva1, Z.Yu.Bunina, D.S.Sofronov1, K.N.Belikov1,2, V.A.Chebanov1,2

1SSI Institute for Single Crystals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 Nauky Ave., 61072 Kharkiv, Ukraine
2V.Karazin Kharkiv National University, 4 Svobody Sq., 61022 Kharkiv, Ukraine


A new sorbent for heavy metal ions, that contains links with fragments of 1,2,3-triazole, 1,2,3- and 1,2,4-triazole, both triazoles and tetrazole was developed and appropriate procedures for the synthesis of these links were described. The obtained polymer is able to form stable complexes with the ions of heavy metals, such as Eu(III), Cd(II), Pb(II), Cu(II), Sr(II). The extraction rate dependence on the age of the sorbent, concentration of the cations, pH, and concentration of competing anions was studied.

click reaction, extraction rate, heavy metal ion sorption, Merrifield resin, solid carrier chemical modification.

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