Funct. Mater. 2019; 26 (2): 375-380.


Low-melting composite glass solders with low thermal expansion

V.I.Goleus, Yu.S.Hordieiev, A.V.Nosenko

Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, 8 Haharina Ave., 49005 Dnipro, Ukraine


Low-melting composite glass solders based on the lead borosilicate glass with the lead titanate and titanium (III) oxide additions for jointing of the constructional materials with low values of the thermal coefficient of linear expansion at a temperature were investigated. The introduction into the compound of Ti2O3 additions powder composition based on low-melting glass made it possible to decrease the TCLE of glass solder from 105&midcdot;10-7 K-1 to 1·10-7 K-1 being decreased to 53·10-7 K-1 with the introduction of PbTiO3 addition. Concluded that when sintering of powder compositions, the titanium (III) oxide partially dissolves in the glass melt along with the absence of chemical interaction between the glass melt and the lead titanate. The titanium (III) oxide is the most prospective component of the solder powder composition, which minor additions (5 to 8 percent by weight) ensure the highest fluidity of the glass solder as well as the obtainment of ceramic-metal seal agreed as per the TCLE.

low-melting glass, composite glass solders, thermal expansion, ceramics, lead titanate, titanium (III) oxide.

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