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Funct. Mater. 2019; 26 (3): 621-628.


The structuring of tribotechnical epoxy composite materials in the electromagnetic field

P.P.Savchuk, V.P.Kashytskyi, M.D.Melnychuk, O.L.Sadova, S.V.Myskovets

Lutsk National Technical University, 75 Lvivska Str., Lutsk, Ukraine


The influence of the cyclic processing mode on the structure formation of highly filled epoxy resin based press-composites in the field of ultrahigh-frequency currents has been established. As a result of this processing, the duration of the structuring process has been shortened and high physical, mechanical and tribotechnical characteristics of the epoxy composites have been obtained. The optimum number of heating and cooling cycles, and duration of these cycles have been defined; the structure formation features of the epoxy composites under the cycle influence of electromagnetic radiation has been revealed. The microstructure of the press-composites has been studied. Recommendations for the technological process of forming the tribotechnical products based on epoxy composite materials are given.

cyclic mode, treatment time, cooling, destruction, fillers, strength, fracture surface, wear intensity.

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