Funct. Mater. 2019; 26 (4): 823-828.


Application of immune genetic algorithm in optimization of nanocomposite metal materials


Sichuan College of Architectural Technology, Sichuan, China


????? in the optimization of nano-composite metal materials, a new algorithm based on immune genetic mechanism was proposed. The problems such as precocity of genetic algorithm, low searching efficiency and inability to maintain individual diversity were avoided, and the corresponding material components were obtained. The optimization results show that the immune genetic algorithm converges in the 10th generation, and the convergence speed of the immune genetic algorithm increases by 50 %, 40 % and 37.5 %, respectively. The convergence rate of the immune genetic algorithm is faster than that of the immune algorithm, and the optimal component is obtained. The application of the fracture toughness in the optimization of nanocomposite metal materials is explored, which is of great significance for improving the efficiency of ceramic mold material design.

immune inheritance, nanocomposite metal, optimization.

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