Funct. Mater. 2020; 27 (1): 170-178.


Analysis of anisotropy of the Young's modulus of ideal orientation of α-iron textures

N.A.Volchok, D.A.Dyachok, Z.A.Briukhanova, E.V.Dyshlov

South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named K.Ushinsky, 26 Staroportofrankovska Str., 65020 Odesa, Ukraine


Using the Fourier analysis method, we studied the anisotropy of the Young's modulus (E) in the crystallographic planes of the main ideal orientations (IO) of the textures in α-iron sheets. The dependences of E on the direction of measurement, the anisotropy coefficients and the average values of E for the various IOs of annealing and rolling textures in α-iron are obtained. The texture of low-carbon DC04 (0.06 % C, up to 0.35 % Mn, up to 0.40 % Si, ~ 0.025 % S and P) steel sheets after annealing and cold rolling was investigated. The IO set of annealed sheets provides anisotropy of E with a maximum in the transverse direction (TD) and a minimum in the rolling direction (RD) + 45°. The process of rolling forms IOs which increase the Young's modulus in the TD and RD + 45°. The experimental values of E are in satisfactory agreement with the results of the calculations from the anisotropy of the IO obtained from an X-ray texture experiment.

Young's modulus, anisotropy, texture, ideal orientation, alpha-iron, pole figure.
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