Funct. Mater. 2020; 27 (3): 567-574.


Modeling of a diffraction pattern from light-induced gratings in a AgCl-Ag waveguide film as a method of evaluation of the grating parameters


Physical Optics Chair, V.Karazin Kharkiv National University, 4 Svobody sq., 61022 Kharkiv, Ukraine


Modeling of evolution of a diffraction pattern under action of a laser beam on a composite waveguide AgCl-Ag film has been performed for the first time; a 100 nm thick film was used as an example. Visual structures of calculated and experimental patterns are similar both in separate moments and in dynamics (videos were compared). This is a confirmation of validity of current understanding of the mechanism of development of diffraction gratings induced into AgCl-Ag film. During the simulation, the possibility of refining the grating parameters was demonstrated; this is based on the similarity of the diffraction patterns as a whole, and not just their individual reflections. The mean value obtained for angular dispersion of grating vectors unambiguously proves the domain nature inherent in the aggregate of the gratings.

light-sensitive film, waveguide film, diffraction grating, diffraction pattern, modeling.

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