Funct. Mater. 2020; 27 4: 781-785.


Investigating the influence of overmolecular structure on the properties of metal-containing polymers

Ye.A.Yeriomina, A.I.Burya

Dniprovsk State Technical University, 2 Dniprobudivska Str., 51918 Kamyanske, Ukraine


The microstructure of phenylone C-1 and metal-containing polymers based on it, containing 15 wt. % of fillers was investigated. Electron microscopy investigation of metal-containing polymers has shown significant changes in the nature of the phenylone cleavage in the presence of metal particles. The greatest changes occur in the boundary and interfacial layers. Within the interfacial layer, polymer-filler phenylone macromolecules are straightened and aggregated into the oriented fibrillar structures around the filler particles. The changes in the structure has a positive impact on physical and mechanical properties; compared to the unfilled polyamide, the hardness, the yield strength at compression, the proportionality limit, the modulus of elasticity, the temperature of glass transition and the wear resistance increase.

aromatic polyamide phenylone, fine powders metal filler, structure formation, properties.
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