Funct. Mater. 2021; 28 (3): 549-555.


Modeling the insulating properties of multicomponent solid foam-like material based on gel-forming systems

A.A.Kireev1, I.K.Kirichenko2, R.A.Petukhov1, A.Ya.Sharshanov1, T.A.Yarkho2

1National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, 94 Chernyshevska Str., 61023 Kharkiv, Ukraine
2Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, 25 Yaroslava Mudrogo Str., 61002 Kharkiv, Ukraine


Multicomponent solid foam-like material is proposed as an isolating agent for toxic and flammable liquids. The loss of fluidity of this material occurs due to gelation process. To increase the durability and isolating properties of the solid foam, an addition of water-soluble polymer carboxymethyl cellulose to the gel-forming system is proposed. The processes of vapor diffusion through a layer of fast-hardening foam on the surfaces of various liquids were modeled. The flow attenuation coefficient of fast-hardening foam was estimated for liquid vapors.

mathematical model, fast-hardening foam, durability of foams, gel-forming system, vapor diffusion, flow attenuation coefficient.
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