Funct. Mater. 2021; 28 (4): 793-802


Research and application of composite plugging technology with organic gel and inorganic gel for malignant leakage

Yao Xuyang, Xu Shengjiang, Zhou Zenan, Gong Jiaqin, Lu Tiemei, Yu Yongsheng

Engineering Technology Research Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, Karamay 840100, Xinjiang, China


Gel compositions that form a composite organic-inorganic gel system for eliminating leaks and blockages during well drilling have been proposed and investigated. The three types of gels have performed well at different stages. Based on the three types of gels, an organo-inorganic composite gel system was constructed and the clogging ability under constant and varying pressure was evaluated.

malignant leakage, gel, composite plugging, curing, water separation.
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