Funct. Mater. 2022; 29 (1): 124-128.


Molecular processes occuring in high density polyethylene+nanoclay nanocomposites under the influence of an electric field

A.R.Sadygova1, A.A.Hadieva1, P.B.Asilbeyli1, Kh.O.Sadig2, I.I.Abbasov2, V.A.Alekperov1

1Institute of Physics named after H.M.Abdullayev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 3 H.Javid Ave., AZ1143 Baku, Azerbaijan 2Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, 20 Azadlig Ave., AZ1001 Baku, Azerbaijan


Structural changes under the action of an electric field in high density polyethylene (PE) and a nanocomposite have been measured by infrared spectroscopy, viscometry, and differential thermal analysis. Destruction of macromolecules occurs under the action of an electric field. As a result, with the formation of C=C groups, the molecular weight decreases. After exposure to an electric field, the depolymerization temperature of the nanocomposite changes less than that of pure polyethylene.

nanoclay, nanocomposite, electric field, C=C group.
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