Funct. Mater. 2022; 29 (2): 263-267.


Detection of heptavalent manganese ions using polymethacrylic acid assisted silver nanoclusters as fluorescent probes

Xueling Cao1, Faxian Liu2, Jianfeng Hou2, Danfeng He1

1College of Science, Qiongtai Normal University, 571100 Hainan, China
2Jilin Petrochemical Company, 132002 Jilin City, China


Polymethacrylic acid (PMAA) stabilized silver nanoclusters (AgNCs@PMAA) were prepared in one step using UV light irradiation. Based on the fluorescence quenching caused by the interaction of heptavalent manganese ions with AgNCs@PMAA, a highly sensitive method for detecting the heptavalent manganese ions was developed. The results show that when the reaction conditions are optimized, the prepared AgNCs@PMAA nanoclusters have a uniform small nanometer size and strong near-infrared luminescence. AgNCs@PMAA can be used as a highly sensitive fluorescent probe to detect heptavalent manganese ions. The probe shows excellent performance, the change in the fluorescence intensity of AgNCs@PMAA has a good linear dependence on the concentration of heptavalent manganese ions, and its linear range is 0.5 μg/ml-90 <$E mu>g/l; the minimum detection limit is 0.28 μg/ml. The fluorescent probe has good practical value and application prospects, and also provides a new approach and theoretical support for metal cation detection.

silver nanoclusters, heptavalent manganese ion, fluorescence quenching.
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