Funct. Mater. 2022; 29 (2): 274-278.


Influence of fly ash dosage over the compressive strength of rock-filled concrete

Changchun Wu1, Jianhua Zhu2

1School of Hydraulic Engineering, Anhui Water Conservancy Technical College, 231603 Hefei, China
2Planning and Coordination Department, Changfeng County Key Engineering Construction Management Center, 231131 Hefei, China


Rock-filled concrete (RFC) is a new technology that has been promoted in water conservation and hydropower projects. The flow and compressive strength of the RFC can be improved by adding an appropriate amount of fly ash. In this article, various doses of fly ash are added to concrete, their effect on the compressive strength of concrete is tested, and the optimal dosage of fly ash is determined. The test results show that the strength of the RFC first increases and then decreases, rather than decreasing continuously, as the dose of fly ash increases. When the fly ash dosage reached 30 %, the RFC reached its maximum strength. When the dosage of fly ash was equal to or higher than 40 %, the strength of the RFC decreased to a certain extent. Based on engineering expertise, hardened RFC has optimum strength when the fly ash dosage is between 20 % and 40 %.

fly ash dosage, dam, Rock-Filled Concrete (RFC), compressive strength.
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