Funct. Mater. 2022; 29 (4): 605-610.


Utilization of kaolinite to synthesize NaP zeolite for dye wastewater removal

Xuefeng Yuan1, Gang Liao2

1Taizhou Polytechnical College, Jiangsu Taizhou 225300, China
2Department of Traffic and Municipal Engineering, Sichuan College of Architectural Technology, 610399 Sichuan Chengdu, China


In this paper, kaolinite was used to synthesize zeolite by using a hydrothermal method. Before synthesis, kaolinite was pre-treated by alkali-fusion. The as-prepared zeolite was used to remove MB in wastewater. The effect of synthesis condition (including NaOH/Kaolinite mass ratio, activation temperature, and hydrothermal temperature) on the adsorption capacity and MB removal efficiency. The microstructure of zeolite was characterized by X-ray diffraction,scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and N2 adsorption-desorption tests. Various adsorption kinetic models were used to elucidate the adsorption process and acquire the adsorption rate constant. The results show that zeolite was sphere-like and had a mesopore structure. The adsorption capacity was about 34.06 mg/g. This as-synthesized zeolite was an excellent purification material for removing dye wastewater.

kaolinite, NaP zeolite, dye wastewater, adsorption capacity.
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