Funct. Mater. 2023; 30 (2): 206-211.


Wear-resistant electric spark Colmonoy-WC coatings with high tungsten carbide content

V.G.Khristov, V.E.Sheludko, M.A.Vasilkovskaya

Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 3 Krzhyzhanovsky Str., 03142 Kyiv, Ukraine


The article is devoted to the study of the properties of electrode materials of the Colmonoy-WC system with a high content of the carbide component (up to 94 wt. %), which are used for electrospark deposition of coatings on Steel 45. The coatings were deposited using an EFI-46A unit in mode III: oscillation frequency ν = 100 Hz, short-circuit current Ish.c = 4 A, operating current Io.c. = 1.5 A, discharge energy E = 0.28 J. To study the kinetics of mass transfer of these materials, the mass transfer coefficient K, the cathode mass gain Δk, and the anode erosion Δa were determined. The effect of the electrode sintering temperature on these kinetic characteristics has been established. Phase composition and structures of the coatings were studied with a DRON-3M diffractometer and a Neophot-21 metallographic microscope, respectively. The ESA-coating of NV-94 material is shown to have the best characteristics (thickness h ~ 80-85 μm, microhardness Hμ = 13 GPa, wear rate I = 6.1 μm/km, friction coefficient f = 0.3). The ESA-coatings of NV-85 and NV-90 materials also have quite good properties. A conclusion is made about the prospects of using these electrode materials for electrospark hardening of Steel 45.

Colmonoy-WC system, ESA, mass transfer kinetics, structure, microhardness, wear rate.

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